In the Heat of the Night

After discovering that the murderer had something with the pregnancy of a young woman named Delores Purdy, Virgil Tibbs sets off to a small cabin owned by a peaceful old African-American woman named Mama Caleba, who performs abortions for money. Virgil interrogates her about who financed Purdy's abortion. When she tells him that Delores comes tonight, the door opens and Delores walks in. As she notices Virgil, she begins to run away. As Virgil grabs her, a dark figure from the darkness pulls out a gun and asks him to release her. When Virgil realises that this is the murderer, he walks out and we finally see that the murderer is no other than the young, incompetent diner manager of the local diner, Ralph.

As Delores' brother Lloyd arrives with his gang, Virgil tells him to search for the money that Ralph gave her for the abortion. When Lloyd finds it, he pull a shotgun on Ralph, but Ralph shoots him. As Virgil grabs Lloyd and takes his gun away, Lloyd dies, while Delores weeps over his dead body. Once they arrive at the station, Ralph explains that he didn't mean to kill the rich man - he just wanted his money. Ralph is sent to prison while Virgil and Gillespie arrive at the station. "Take Care, Y'hear?" says Gillespie to Virgil, a minute before he enters the train. "Yeah" answers Virgil, and sets off.

Itamar The D.R. Endings

Continuity mistake: Gillespie does a fairly lengthy audible rewind of the killer's taped confession, but only his last two sentences ("That's all. I didn't mean to kill him") are heard when the tape is immediately played back.

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Trivia: Norman Jewison asked Rod Steiger to chew gum when playing the role of Gillespie. Steiger resisted at first but then grew to love the idea, and went through 263 packs of gum during the shooting of the film.

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Question: If Ralph has robbed the victim, how come Harvey can also steal his money?

Answer: He didn't. After Ralph killed Mr. Colbert, he stole his wallet. He took the money and threw it away. Harvey found the empty wallet, and that's why the police charged him with murder.

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