Team America: World Police

Team America: World Police (2004)

Ending / spoiler

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Team America kills all the F.A.G.'s and Johnston out-acts Alec Baldwin, so Kim Jong Il kills him. Then, Kim Jong is kicked off a ledge and impaled on a kaiser's helmet. A cockroach crawls out of his mouth and escapes on a spaceship. Team America disarms te nukes just before they detonate.

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Continuity mistake: During Gary's speech at the end, in one scene his hair is messy, but as the camera angle changes it is straightened again.

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Chris: Surprise, cockfags!

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Trivia: The "Montage" song is actually from an episode of South Park (Parker and Stone's TV show) called "Asspen," where Stan learns how to ski in a similar montage style.


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Question: I know that the musical being called 'Lease' is a reference to 'Rent', but what's the joke behind the song being called 'Everyone has AIDS'?

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Chosen answer: The musical "Rent" is based on the opera "La Boheme" in which the main character Mimi dies of consumption (tuberculosis). In the updated story for "Rent", the disease is AIDS rather than TB. Several characters in Rent have AIDS or are HIV positive.


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