Shark Tale

Continuity mistake: When Oscar is at Sykes' desk he throws a load of documents at Oscar and when he piles the up in the first shot there are very few, but in the second shot there are three times as many. (00:13:10)


Other mistake: During the opening sequence, walk of fame parody, Lawrence Fishburne's star appears twice above Seal's star. (00:02:55)


Continuity mistake: Near the end Don Lino bursts through the ship porthole, chasing Oscar, and the tears on the panel are small, next they are much bigger and then next they are much smaller. (01:12:15)


Revealing mistake: During the scene when Angie and Sykes are watching Oscar beating up Lenny you can see one shot of Angie's tail go through the desk.

Continuity mistake: When Ernie and Bernie are playing the Oscar video game, Sykes finishes talking on his mobile and it is in his right hand, in the next shot, when he turns the TV off it is in his right hand. (00:49:55)

Factual error: Sharks don't float when they're dead, they sink. While it did initially sink after being thrown out of the "casket", when the shot changes to Don Lino and Lenny consoling one another, you see him float back up. (00:33:50)

Factual error: The "Mafia" characters are shown being on the Titanic (the life preserver behind the coffin during the funeral reads R.M.S. Titanic in its trademark red and white logos, with the white star company printed on its side) but the other fish in the movie are warm-water fish that live on a reef. The Titanic sank in the north Atlantic, how is there a warm-water reef nearby?


Continuity mistake: When Lenny throws up at the large table he spits out a metal pipe. A few shots later it disappears. (01:10:50)

Continuity mistake: After Oscar thanks Angie for clocking him in, he reveals he brought her a bag of food. He did not arrive with it, and when the camera changes to show the front of the desk where he later pops up with the bag, the bag of food is nowhere in sight. He pulled the bag from thin air. Well thin water. (00:08:20)

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Continuity mistake: At the Titanic diner, when Don Leno is trying to get Lenny to eat the shrimp, Lenny grabs all the shrimp and makes a big scene. During this time, the shape of Frankie's mouth keeps changing between sequential shots. (00:19:50)

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Angie: You're going way too far, Oscar.
Lenny: Actually, he hasn't gone far enough.
Oscar: Exactly... what?

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Trivia: In the Australian Version of the movie, Katie Currant is done by the voice of Tracy Grimshaw, an Australian News Reporter. (00:02:15)

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Question: In a post-credits scene, Lola tries to find Oscar in his penthouse, but Crazy Joe pops up instead. I can't figure out Lola's fate, but does she stay with Crazy Joe or does he scare her away?

Answer: That's for you to interpret, but most likely she went swimming away screaming in terror, being chased by a crazy fish. Think "My Crazy Ex-Boyfriend" premise.

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