Trivia: The actor playing Adam is actually a co-writer of Saw. The film was shot in 18 days and for under a million dollars, and it all took place in 2 warehouses. The writers/directors wanted to make a movie about people trapped inside a single room.

Trivia: According to director James Wan on the director's cut DVD commentary, the major plot twist of the film, from Adam listening to Zep's tape to Jigsaw standing up, was one continuous shot, and was also the only shot they did of the sequence.


Trivia: The intestines that are seen being used in Amanda's trap were actually pig uteruses from a butcher shop, as they looked similar to human innards.

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Trivia: As is often the case with micro-budget films, the movie was not shot widescreen, but rather was shot on cheaper 4:3 full-frame film stock and cropped for the widescreen theatrical release. Thus director James Wan filmed the movie ahead of time with the knowledge that the tops and bottoms of the frame would be missing from the theatrical cut, and he made sure to compose the shots accordingly. Unfortunately, instead of panning-and-scanning the cropped widescreen release for the full-frame home-video release, the distributors merely uncropped the image. This causes some rather strange and subtle blunders in some full-frame home-video releases, as portions of the frame were visible that shouldn't have been.

Trivia: Although never mentioned on-screen, the puppet's name is Billy.

Trivia: Adam's screams, which are heard during Lawrence's successful effort to saw off his foot, are the exact ones heard when he is being sealed in the room by John/Jigsaw. It's the same audio file.

Trivia: In the scene that Amanda digs through her cellmate's innards for a key, the hands shown in the close-up shot are not actually Shawnee Smith's hands at all. They're Leigh Whannell's hands with his nails painted black. Likewise, several shots of Detective Sing (when he first enters Jigsaw's lair and when he is killed by the hidden shotguns) it is not actually Ken Leung but Whannell dressed as Leung's character.

Trivia: The budget did not allow for a dummy of Jigsaw to be made, so actor Tobin Bell had to lie on the floor and portray his character in each shot the body appears in.

Trivia: As mentioned on the DVD commentary, Amy Lippens, the casting agent, asked James Wan, the director, which actress he's interested in for the role of Amanda. Wan suggested Shawnee Smith, whom he had a crush on since he was a teenager. A few days later, when Amy Lippens told him that they actually signed Shawnee, he was happily surprised.

Trivia: The scene in which Gordon turns off the lights and whispers to Adam was written differently in the script. The characters were to cut open opposite ends of a long pipe with their hacksaws and speak through it. This sequence was actually shot, but later cut because director James Wan decided that the characters being able to cut through a pipe made no sense if they couldn't cut through their chains.

Trivia: When the lights are turned off in the bathroom, and the glow-in-the-dark "X" is revealed, the effect wasn't actually achieved using glow-in-the-dark paint. Instead, the lights were dimmed somewhat on-set and a bright light equipped with an "X"-shaped stencil was projected onto the wall. This is because there was too much light on-set for glow-in-the-dark paint to be visible, as even during dark scenes, film sets require at least a moderate amount of light.

Trivia: According to an interview with Leigh Whannell, Adam and Lawrence were originally going to be trapped in an elevator, not the infamous bathroom.

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Trivia: Pre-production for this movie lasted only five days. The bathroom scenes were shot in just six days and the actors' rehearsal takes were used as the actual footage for the film.

Trivia: The doll/puppet seen in the film (called "Billy" behind the scenes) was actually built by director James Wan, and is the exact same doll used in the original short film that was made to help sell the script. (Although Wan did slightly modify it between the production of the short film and the production of the feature film.) Due to the tight budget, the producers told Wan that they didn't want to spend unneeded money making a new doll when the original was still available. Wan later admitted he was slightly annoyed when the sequels were released, as each subsequent sequel had the budget to allow for the construction of newer, more intricate versions of the doll.

Trivia: The director and writer were also the director and writer of a low budget Australian film called Stygian. There is even an inside joke when someone at one point refers to "Stygian Street" and you see the street sign.

Trivia: There were no effects added to Tobin Bell's voice on the recordings, save for slowing it down.

Trivia: The music that starts to play at the end, which has become a signature tune for the twists at the end of the "Saw" films, is titled "Hello Zepp". Though the tape Adam finds actually adresses "Hello Mr. Hindle".

Trivia: Danny Glover's wall has hundreds of newspaper clippings attached to it. At one point in the film, we are shown some of the headlines, i.e. "Psychopath teaches sick life lessons." If you actually read the text below you'll find that it bears no relevance to the headlines whatsoever. (You may need to use the zoom facility). Two of them are about a fourteen year old boy who died in an explosion, due to "Goofy Clay", and if you pause and read the wording, they have exactly the same text. Not really a mistake due to needing pause/zoom, but interesting to look for.

Trivia: The film was originally intended to be released direct-to-video, but it got such a positive response during its first screening at the Sundance Film Festival, Lionsgate decided to release it in theaters. It paid off, as "Saw" ended up spawning a franchise and becoming one of the most financially successful horror series of all time.


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Revealing mistake: After Dr. Lawrence cuts off his leg and is crawling towards the gun, if you look at his dismembered leg, you can make out the shape of his foot hidden beneath his ripped up slacks.

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Adam: My name is very fucking confused.

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Question: This question applies to the whole series. Why do some of the people who actually manage to survive Jigsaw's traps end up working with him instead of either helping capture him or killing him and insuring that no more innocent people get killed?

Answer: Jigsaw's traps would more than likely leave a person mentally unstable, which could result in Stockholm Syndrome, a condition which involves a victim sympathising with their captor. In fact, after Lawrence Gordon escapes the bathroom after severing his own foot, Jigsaw nursed him back to full health, thus gaining his trust (this is shown in Saw VII). He also plays mind games on people, which is shown in a flashback in Saw III in which he convinced Amanda to side with him. In her unstable state of mind, she realised that he was the first person in her life she could actually relate to, and thus became an accomplice.


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