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Corrected entry: In the very first scene we see Adam in a bath tub with his leg tethered in chains. Adam wakes up and jumps out of the bath. When the light is switched on we see that the chain attached to Adam's leg is just under a foot in length, which prevents him getting anywhere near the bath, let alone have all the slack to actually lie in it. This is illustrated when Adam leans over to the bath to get the bag with the photo in.

Correction: Adam's legs are facing the pole that the chain is attached to and his legs are out of the bath and as the lights are turned on you can see how close the bath is to the pole, allowing the slack he needs.

Corrected entry: When the two detectives break into the old factory and the drills start moving, why don't they just put something solid between the drills and the man's head to block them? They've got time to do so.

Correction: The reason the two cops didn't try to stop the drills is bcause they both were in a state of panic. Danny Glover was too obsessed with Jigsaw to do anything and the Asian cop just wanted to stop the drills. If he had stopped to look for something to put against the drills he may have ran out of time considering they had no idea what items were inside the warehouse. Besides, who says that the drills would have been stopped? They were probably powerful enough to cut through wood or metal, knowing how well Jigsaw is prepared.

Corrected entry: throughout the entire movie the body in the middle of the floor (the dead guy) constantly changes his feet position, over and over - his foot is either straight down, up and bent, or to the side...

Correction: Not actually being dead might have something to do with that, it's possible that the men chained to the pipes simply didn't notice because they were too focused on their own situation.

Corrected entry: Don't American police officers carry hand radios? Surely after Detective Tapp has his throat slashed the first thing his partner would do is call for backup and an ambulance.

Correction: Because of Danny Glover's obsession with Jigsaw, he tells the Asian officer to drop everything and help him out right away. They both go in very unprepared because Glover wants Jigsaw so badly and isn't thinking. Normally cops would plan the attack and go in full force.

Corrected entry: When Lawrence is telling Adam about Jigsaw, Adam appears to have absolutely no knowledge of the serial killer. However, a killing spree like that would be widely reported - it seems impossible that Adam would never have heard of Jigsaw and his crimes, especially as they happened in the town where he lives.

Correction: We learn from Jigsaw that Adam ignores life around him. He is just a voyeur and "spy" for hire so it is likely he just ignored all the reports of the serial killing. Adam also doesn't have any memories when he wakes up. It is only after Jigsaw shocks him that he begins to remember things so it is reasonable that he didn't remember any of the reports when the doctor is talking to him about it.

Corrected entry: At the end when we find out who the killer is, he can hardly walk because he is so weak. However, a short time later, he manages to slam a large heavy door shut without any apparent difficulty.

Correction: Surely the killer just appeared weak when he first gets up because he had been lying motionless in a room for 8 hours... in which case it is perfectly plausible he would have regained his strength quickly enough to slam the door.

Corrected entry: After Adam plays dead, he is electrocuted to prove he is still alive, presumably by the killer who they assumed was behind the camera. But at the end if turns out the killer was in the room all along - so who was electrocuting Adam? It couldn't be the killer, he remained motionless.

Correction: The killer has a small detonator type device in his hand, which when he presses it, electrocutes someone. We see him use it at the end when he points it at Adam. He could easily press it without the movement being obvious.


Corrected entry: When Adam realises there is a camera behind the mirror in the bathroom, he says, "It's a two-way mirror." Since you can only see through it from one side, surely he meant a one-way mirror?

Correction: There seems to be no standard term for these mirrors - one-way mirror and two-way mirror are interchangeable terms both used for mirrors of this nature.

Corrected entry: When Lawrence is reaching for the cellphone, he could've used the hacksaw to pull the cellphone towards him and answered it - finding out that his family was fine, so he never would've shot Adam.

Correction: He is panicking and arguably not of sound mind. He's worried about his family and desperate to get to the phone so he is not thinking rationally. Yes, it would have been easier to use the hacksaw but in an intense situation like that the best solution is usually not evident at the time.


Corrected entry: Near the end of the film, when Zep gets up from the computer/camera, the digital clock reads exactly 6:00 PM. However after he struggles with the wife and policeman, he runs past the clock and the time now reads 6:06 PM, even though only 1-2 minutes have elapsed in real time.

Correction: Most movies aren't filmed in real time.

Plot hole: Det. Kerry says at the scene of Paul's trap, "He had two hours." There is no way she could have known that. The clock simply said 3:00 and the tape specifically says "you have until 3 o'clock or this room will become your tomb". No way to know that's two hours after the fact. (00:17:30)

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Suggested correction: In the flashback of the razor wire trap, it shows the clock as a few minutes past 1, so he did know he had 2 hours.

Paul knew he had 2 hours as like you said he could see a clock counting. But how did detective Kerry who made the remarks in the first place as listed in the mistake?

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Jigsaw: Congratulations. You are still alive. Most people are so ungrateful to be alive. But not you. Not anymore.

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Trivia: The intestines that are seen being used in Amanda's trap were actually pig uteruses from a butcher shop, as they looked similar to human innards.

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Question: How exactly was Adam supposed to win the game? We know the Doctor had to kill Adam before 6 to live, but how was Adam meant to get out? Was he there solely for the Doctor to kill or was there a way out for him that I've missed?

Answer: Amanda was supposed to put the key around Adam's neck rather than just on his chest. If she had done so as instructed by Jigsaw, he would've been able to unlock his shackle and leave the bathroom. Adam was a voyeur, the irony being that if his key had been placed correctly around his neck, all he would've had to do would be to look around to find it. Adam's tape states, "what do voyeurs see when they look into the mirror, " so, again, it's a hint that all Adam would've had to do was look at himself. I noticed as well, Jigsaw says, "the key to that chain is in the bathtub." /IS/ in the bathtub. Not /was/. So Jigsaw probably thought Adam could still get out. He says, "so many people are ungrateful to be alive. But not you. Not anymore." So it's like, 'I have taught you this lesson, now you can go free because now you'll appreciate your life unlike you did before'.

Answer: Adam was never supposed to win, I don't recall which movie, I believe it be the 5th where John is talking to Amanda and says how her games were rigged and impossible to win, and Adam and Lawrence were part of Amanda's game.

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