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Corrected entry: Dr. Gordon is seen in a close-up to be sawing through his leg, some inches above the ankle joint and the shackle around it. Considering the long bones of the leg (fibula and tibia) are very tough in a young man, it would take a long time to saw through by hand, during which Dr Gordon should have passed out from pain-induced hyperventilation then died from shock.

Correction: This is not a guarantee, i remember seeing a television film about a farmer in England who got his arm stuck in a harvester and cut through his wrist or forearm with his penknife saw and got back to the farmhouse to call an ambulance before passing out in his driveway, shock can keep a person alive when they should be dead, as can adrenaline, sawing through your own ankle would scare any man enough to produce a hell of a lot of adrenaline.

Corrected entry: We learn in later sequels that Jigsaw hates murders, despises them, so why would he set Amanda's trap so that in order for her to survive she has to murder someone, then make her his accomplice/apprentice? From what we know about Jigsaw this makes no sense.


Correction: True, Jigsaw may despises straight out murderers, but he has a twisted god complex that does encourage murder. He could have easily said in his mind that if Amanda failed her test, then the guy winning was not murder. He even encourages his main victims in the sequels to murder, especially in Saw VI, which is a personal game from him to a man who has to choose who lives or dies. Even in Saw III, IV, VI, the victims who win their games are placed in danger again, at the hands of someone else or being designed to play another game.

Corrected entry: Lawrence and Adam don't even think of sawing through the pipe their chains are attached to, yet they try to saw through every place on their chains.

Correction: In the original version, instead of having Lawrence turn off the lights and have him whisper to Adam to pretend to die from the poisoned cigarette they were supposed to saw through the pipe and whisper through it but James Wan (the director) cut it because it made no sense that they were able to cut through the pipe and not the chain.

Correction: Why would they try to saw through the pipes? There's much more surface area to get through on the pipes than on a chain link, and if the saw doesn't work on the chain link, it wouldn't work on a pipe.

Phaneron Premium member

I guarantee, it would be much easier to saw through the pipe than the chain. The metal would be much thinner.

Corrected entry: When we see Amanda unlocking the padlock, if you look at the timer, it has gone past 60 seconds so she should be dead. (00:26:30)

Correction: Just seen this scene. Its not on 60. She still has 10 seconds to get if off. Which makes sense because as soon as she throws it down, it snaps shut.


Corrected entry: When Lawrence leans over to get the picture that Adam tossed him, as he leans over, near the door you can see wires and cords belonging to the camera equipment.

Correction: If you look closely you will see they are there all through the film, and part of the set.

Ssiscool Premium member

Corrected entry: Adam wakes up fully submerged in water, yet he pulls a paper envelope out of his pocket that is completely dry, and without any harm to the tape inside.

Correction: The envelope was in a plastic bag.

Ssiscool Premium member

Corrected entry: When Dr Lawrance first notices the clock on the wall and tells Adam about it, the time on the clock is around 4 o'clock, but in a later scene after he is told he must "kill Adam by 6 o' clock," the time on the clock is much earlier, around 11-12 o'clock. That much time wouldn't have passed between seeing the clock and finding the tapes.

Correction: When we first see the clock the time is 08:12. The second time it is around 11:00 we don't see all the events of the bathroom so it's easy to assume that a few hours has passed. Not a movie mistake.

Ssiscool Premium member

Corrected entry: When Adam is taking the photo of Lawrence in the parking lot, the first two times we see the scene his camera flash goes off, the shutter snaps, and that's it. However, the the third time we see the scene the flashbulb emit a loud, rising pitch sound as the flash recharges just like it did when he was taking pictures in his apartment before being abducted.

Correction: The first two times are Adam's recollections. He is talking over what happened.

Ssiscool Premium member

Corrected entry: When Cary Elwes is crawling out of the bathroom after promising to get help, you can see that even though he cut off his right foot, it's his left ankle stump that he's dragging.


Correction: It is only ever his right leg he drags. Even in Saw 7.

Ssiscool Premium member

Corrected entry: When Larry notices the clock on the wall, he puts his hand on a pipe. Watch the pipe, it bends in and foams out when he takes his hand off it, revealing it to be made of foam.

Correction: I'm watching it now and the whole of the pipe moves, as a pipe would that is attached from the ceiling to floor.

Corrected entry: Dr. Lawrence Gordon had thrown 1 of the 2 cigarettes to Adam. Adam even began to smoke one of them. Later on when Dr. Gordon slumps to the ground and says "How did I get here? I had everything in order" two cigarettes are on the floor in front of him. (01:20:00)


Correction: While it looks like there is only 2 cigarettes on the box, I believe there are 4. If you pause is at exactly 1:00:09, and look at what is on the ground on front of Larry, you can see 3 cigarettes (one by his hand, one by the lighter, and one by something that looks like a piece of paper), and we know that one is still in the box because that is what he switches the poisoned one with. (Clarification, stop motion is not valid in identifying mistakes but I believe acceptable in refuting them)

Corrected entry: The entire film was written, financed, shot, edited, and released in a span of less than 12 months, a feat unheard of in the modern film industry.

Correction: This is not trivia, as there are numerous films released every year that are written, financed, shot, edited and released in less than 12 months. While it is commemerable, it most certainly isn't an "unheard" of feat.

Corrected entry: when Adam is going crazy in the beginning trying to get out of the chains look at his foot its touching the pipe then it is no then it is again.

Correction: People can move their feet fast if they are "going crazy".

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Corrected entry: When Zep and Detective Tapp are fighting in the bedroom, Zep falls to the floor, well beyond the bed. The next shot, he is right at the foot of the bed, and much closer to Tapp.

Correction: Zep falls by the post and stays by the post. Tapp then comes in and tackles him as he is getting up by the post and they land at the foot of the bed.

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Corrected entry: When Jigsaw gets up off of the ground, when he says to Adam "the key to that chain is in the bathtub", if you look at his inner right arm, there is a black wire on it. The wire is attached to his arm by masking tape.


Correction: How is it a mistake? Jigsaw might have been using the wire and had to keep it in place.

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Corrected entry: You can see the hole in Adam's shirt (in the scenes after he beats Zep with the toilet lid) where the bullet went through his shoulder, but it's obvious that there's no hole in his shoulder. It's visible when he's grabbing at it. You can see the blood-stained skin, but it's completely smooth, no hole or anything.

Nick Bylsma

Correction: This may, in reality, be the case. However, as far as suspension of disbelief is concerned, his shirt could easily have shifted positions so that the wound is no longer visible. There is no way to determine whether or not the wound *should* be visible in this shot, and so this can't be considered a mistake.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: Several times after Dr. Gordon saws his own foot off we see his full body. There is blood around him but never any actually coming from where his foot used to be. In other words, he's not bleeding.

Correction: An unusual, but not unheard of, side affect of severe shock.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: When Adam throws the photo to the doctor, we see it from Tapp's point of view; from the camera behind the mirror. We see it cut from Adam tossing it to Dr. Gordon catching it, however, there is only one camera recording them. A cut would be impossible.

Correction: There is only one camera recording them, but for the movie there are several cameras showing the action from multiple angles. When the scene cuts, it is not meant or required to be the camera recording them.

Corrected entry: Included in the package of photographs Adam finds in the toilet, is the photo of Zep peering out the window of Dr Gordon's house. In a previous scene, however, we see that the picture was taken by Danny Glover. How did it get into the room with Adam and Lawrence?

Correction: The camera Danny Glover used was a video camera, not a still one. It's also from a different angle. Someone else took that picture, from below.

Corrected entry: The shard of glass that first tells Adam that there is a two way mirror in the room keeps changing position on the floor throughout the movie.


Correction: As they are in the room for about eight hours and the movie is under two hours, it makes sense that Adam would nervously handle objects around him during the un-filmed time.

Plot hole: Det. Kerry says at the scene of Paul's trap, "He had two hours." There is no way she could have known that. The clock simply said 3:00 and the tape specifically says "you have until 3 o'clock or this room will become your tomb". No way to know that's two hours after the fact. (00:17:30)

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Suggested correction: In the flashback of the razor wire trap, it shows the clock as a few minutes past 1, so he did know he had 2 hours.

Paul knew he had 2 hours as like you said he could see a clock counting. But how did detective Kerry who made the remarks in the first place as listed in the mistake?

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Jigsaw: Congratulations. You are still alive. Most people are so ungrateful to be alive. But not you. Not anymore.

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Trivia: According to director James Wan on the director's cut DVD commentary, the major plot twist of the film, from Adam listening to Zep's tape to Jigsaw standing up, was one continuous shot, and was also the only shot they did of the sequence.


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Question: This question applies to the whole series. Why do some of the people who actually manage to survive Jigsaw's traps end up working with him instead of either helping capture him or killing him and insuring that no more innocent people get killed?

Answer: Jigsaw's traps would more than likely leave a person mentally unstable, which could result in Stockholm Syndrome, a condition which involves a victim sympathising with their captor. In fact, after Lawrence Gordon escapes the bathroom after severing his own foot, Jigsaw nursed him back to full health, thus gaining his trust (this is shown in Saw VII). He also plays mind games on people, which is shown in a flashback in Saw III in which he convinced Amanda to side with him. In her unstable state of mind, she realised that he was the first person in her life she could actually relate to, and thus became an accomplice.


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