Outrageous Fortune

Lauren is a struggling actress who ends up in an acting class taught by renowned theater genius Stanislav Korzenousky. Sandy, an obnoxious, morally loose bimbo, turns up in the class as well. They find out that they are both in love with the same man, Michael Santers, and consequently do not get along. Turns out he is a secret KGB operative and the two women have stumbled on his plot to wreak world havoc with a deadly toxin, and Korzenousky is in on it. With the help of Weldon, an undercover CIA agent enrolled in the class to keep an eye on Korzenousky, and Frank, a drunk New Mexico hippie, Lauren and Sandy overcome their differences and decide to teach Michael a lesson and foil his plan.


Visible crew/equipment: When Bette Midler and Shelly Long have just found out Michael Saunters is the bad guy, there is a helicopter looking for them and they're standing in the outdoor shower stall. Bette Midler says "They're the good guys" and they run out to try to get the helicopter's attention. Right after they run out of the stall, you can easily see one or two men in the stall - they're either holding the stall up against the wind of the helicopter or they're there for some other unexplainable reason.


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