The Forgotten

Corrected entry: When Telly and Ash arrive to the hangars, we see a plane taking off which leaves a tiny line of vapour. It is impossible due to the air temperature near the earth, to condense the air.


Correction: Condensation has little to do with temperature, it is more a function of humidity. Warmer air will condense as it cools. Picture a bathroom mirror after a shower. As the air cools (hot exhaust from the engine) it condenses out its moisture as it cools (hitting the atmosphere). It's why car exhaust can sometimes be seen even when it's not freezing out, and conversely, may not be seen if it is cold, but dry out. Besides which, the plane taking off had nothing at all to do with the movie, other than it was taking off during filming. If you saw contrails, it wasn't added to the shot, and occured naturally.

Corrected entry: When Ash smashes the window at the Long Island house, it's obviously safety glass.

Correction: A lot of homes built on/near water have safety glass in larger windows to minimalize damage from natural disasters.

Corrected entry: On the DVD, Telly gets arrested by the cops and is handcuffed, but when Ash gets her free and unlocks the cop's car door, she runs away with no handcuffs on.

Correction: The police handcuffed her, but then the NSA took over. The cops (more than likely) took back their handcuffs and the NSA didn't feel the need to put handcuffs back on her. This could have all taken place while we were focused on Ash in his "daughters" room.

Corrected entry: When they arrive at the Long Island house it is day. However when they explore the rest of the house it is suddenly night.

Correction: This is simply time condensation, not a mistake.

Corrected entry: When Telly and Ash hide from the NSA agents in the field, you can see a steady rain falling in front of the agents' flashlights. Although the two lay still on the ground, looking upward, for several minutes, their faces do not get wet.


Correction: It isn't raining, it is dust.


Continuity mistake: When Ash breaks the window in the house at Long Island all the glass disappears in the window, apart from a little at the top. However, in the next shot when Telly and Ash walk through the window, all the glass has vanished.

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Jim Paretta: I think it's great, you're starting to write again. What's your book going to be about?
Telly Paretta: Psychotic women, and the men who love them.

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Trivia: The president of QuestAir is named "Shineer." In French it sounds alike to the word "chimere" which means "ghost."


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Question: Could someone please explain the ending to me. Telly passed the test by not forgetting and ended up in the park. So, did she go back in time? If she did go back in time, are we to assume the events of the the film never took place (i.e. the female cop dying)? Also, were the government agents helping the beings? Were they aliens or something else? Any information on this would be appreciated.

Answer: Okay first of all, Telly didn't pass any test. The whole thing was an experiment in testing the strength of the parent/child bond. Second, no she did not travel back in time, she simply traveled back to her neighborhood, where everything was as it would have been, had the children never been abducted. Lastly, no the government agents were not aliens, and they weren't exactly helping the beings either, but rather they were minimalizing the damage, as to not have a full on "Independence Day" invasion. Oh also, neither Alfre Woodard (the cop), Dominic West, or the governemnt agent, were killed, they were simply abducted.

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