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Corrected entry: In the scene where Peter meets Lizzie for the first time in her hotel room, just after he walks in to the room, we hear the shower being turned on. Seconds later Peter walks in front of the bathroom door, you can see Lizzie standing naked in the shower. She then turns the water off (you can see she has water dripping from her shoulders) and wraps a towel round her, after a shower lasting all of a few seconds. (00:08:20 - 00:09:20)

Correction: I've had showers that are short like that, just because I wanted to freshen up. I wasn't dirty, and had already showered that day, I just wanted to rinse the dust off as it were.


Corrected entry: When Peter returns home for the first time he is seen in the kitchen with his mother and brother and they're discussing his father. When his brother Carl explains that their father is angry because their mother kissed another man, you hear Peter say "that'll do it". But his lips don't move.

Correction: I re-watched this scene, and zoomed in when Peter says "That'll do it". His lips do in fact move.


Corrected entry: To win Wimbledon you have to play seven matches, but Peter did not play in seven matches. This is impossible.

Correction: He will have other matches, it's just that they didn't show them all.

Corrected entry: As Peter drives away with Lizzie after making their escape from the Slazenger party, the first long shot of the car has it driving down the right side of the road - in London, England. It's a good thing no one else is on the road. All the shots after that have it correctly placed on the left side of the road.

Correction: There is no error. The road described has 4 lanes. Peter is driving in the outside lane on an empty road. That happens.

Corrected entry: In the tennis scene when there are fast shots of Peter and his opponent playing, the spectators on the stands move around with each shot. This is particularly visible with a spectator in around the third row with a red jacket on, who seems to move with particularly every new shot.


Correction: It is explained on the DVD extras that these are timelapse shots. They are not meant to be consecutive time wise. The spectators would move between each fade, and there are about 12 different shots.

Correction: The brother takes the pillow and places it on the floor next to the chair.

Corrected entry: Peter's parents live just inland from Brighton on the English south coast in the county of West Sussex. However, when they are listening to the radio, they get crystal clear reception on BBC London, whereas their local station would be Southern Counties Radio.

Correction: Brighton is in East Sussex. It is possible to pick up BBC London once you reach the South Downs area which borders north Brighton. Peter's parents house is not in a town centre location but a more rural location (we only see him driving to town on the way to his parents house, it would only take 10 mins of driving to make it from the seafront to the South Downs) it is entirly possible for them to be able to pick up both Southern Counties and BBC London from their home.

Corrected entry: During the men's final, play is not suspended until it is pouring rain. At Wimbledon, play is suspended as soon as it starts raining because the grass must be kept dry.

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Correction: The heavy rain came on suddenly in the middle of a point, after Peter Colt asked for God's help. The umpire can only call that play is suspended after point has finished, they can't stop a point in progress, even if its very heavy rain.

Corrected entry: When Kirsten Dunst is watching Colt on the TV at the airport, we see her watching him on a Panasonic portable DVD player (the price and name of the item is visible next to the screen.) How could she be watching TV on a DVD player?

Correction: You can buy TV tuner cards for even DVD players at your local electronics store that receive signals.


Corrected entry: During the final, Peter is two sets down, but about to clinch the third in a tie-break. We hear the commentators saying that if he wins the third, it will go to five sets. Seeing as Peter had lost the first two, Hammond could still win in four sets, even if Peter took the third. It would not necessarily go to five sets.

Correction: If you check the scoreboard during the fifth set you will see that the tie-break was at the end of the fourth set, not the third.

Corrected entry: Peter and Lizzie's Brighton trip lasts two nights. Because both players are still in the tournament, such a trip would be physically impossible because at a major championships like Wimbledon, men's and women's matches take place on alternate days which means that either Peter or Lizzie would miss a match.

Correction: Men's and women's matches only alternate in the second week, so both Peter and Lizzie could have played on Friday and still be back for their matches on Monday (no tennis is played on the middle Sunday).

Revealing mistake: In the changing room before the Final, Peter leans against a dark wooden pillar several times. It moves on each occasion.

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Carl Colt: [Enters betting shop.] Twenty pounds to win, Ajay Bhatt.
Vijay: Hold on, isn't he playing your brother?
Bookmaker: You should be ashamed of yourself.
Carl Colt: Yeah, but curiously, I'm not.

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Trivia: Scenes for the film were filmed during the Wimbledon tournament 2003. The actors would walk out on court at the beginning or end of a match as though they were really competing. The officials and spectators were actual tennis officials and spectators, rather than extras. It is the only time in the history of the tournament that this has been allowed.

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Answer: "This Years Love" by David Gray (from his White Ladder album).

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