Revealing mistake: In the changing room before the Final, Peter leans against a dark wooden pillar several times. It moves on each occasion.

Factual error: Peter and Lizzie play their semi-finals on the same day, but the men's semis are the day after the women's at Wimbledon (unless there has been significant rain, which there wasn't).

Factual error: Peter Colt's men's semi-final appears to take place on an outside rather than show (Centre or Number 1) court. This would only ever happen if there had been sustained rain, which didn't happen.

Revealing mistake: Half of the crowds on centre court are made up of faceless dummies with clothes on.

Factual error: Peter and Lizzie are shown driving out of London in the early evening summer sun to escape to Peter's home in Brighton. This is about half way through the film. There is a clear shot of the car driving west on the A4 out of town. As Brighton is directly south of London this is definitely not the way you'd drive. If you wanted to go to Brighton from central London you'd take the A23/M23 all the way.

Continuity mistake: Peter states that his first match is at 3 PM, but when he goes out onto the court to begin the match we hear him thinking that it is 2 PM.


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Continuity mistake: In a couple of close up head shots of Paul Bettany in the final match, the tag in his shirt is visible. In one shot the size of the t-shirt is L (large), in a later shot within the same scene it says M (medium).

Revealing mistake: Before Peter Colt plays his first round match there is an aerial shot panning across the Wimbledon complex with the commentator declaring, "this is the first day of Wimbledon." However, the aerial shot shows most of the courts are badly worn, as they would be at the end of the tournament. On the first day they, are always lush and green. The shot was taken from archive footage showing the end of a Wimbledon Championship.

Continuity mistake: On the London Eye, Peter and Lizzie are looking at the Houses of Parliament from quite a height, so they've got around ten minutes before they're back on the ground (a "flight" takes around 30 mins). Jake walks up, Peter punches him, then immediately they run off in the hubbub afterwards, suddenly back at ground level.

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Continuity mistake: When Peter goes out to play Ajay Bhatt in his first round match, we hear him thinking "It all ends here, at 2pm on Court 17". Later, after Peter has won the first point the camera pans back over him and the scoreboard, which reads "Court No. 8".

Factual error: The box housing players' close friends and family is at 2 o'clock from the umpire's chair (in front and to the right). In the final, it is shown as being diametrically opposite (behind and to the left of the umpire).

Factual error: Men's final day is held on the second Sunday of Wimbledon. However, at 7am on the morning of Peter Colt's final appearance, we hear the radio greeting of Radio 1's Chris Moyles. Moyles is a weekday not weekend breakfast DJ. This would only be possible if the final were held over from Sunday to Monday because of sustained poor weather, which didn't happen.

Continuity mistake: When Lizzie and Peter are talking in the sushi restaurant, Lizzie's hair moves positions between shots. In shots of her talking, her hair is in front of her shoulder. In shots of Peter talking, you can still see Lizzie and her hair is behind her shoulder.

Continuity mistake: In the final tennis scene the shadows change direction with practically every shot.


Continuity mistake: When Peter is going up to Lizzie's room with the fish and chips, he has cut himself shaving. The piece of paper he has stuck to his face starts off on the corner of his lip and then jumps down and left.

Continuity mistake: In the final match scene when the rain comes Peter is laying on the ground. He turns onto his back and his shirt is very nearly clean. Then as he sits up his valet says "What are you doing, Lad? Get in here!" Peter's shirt has a large mud stain on it. (01:13:05)


Continuity mistake: Peter and Lizzie run away from a party after getting off of the London Eye. When they get on Peter's car, it doesn't have a rearview mirror. When they leave the city, a rearview mirror appears.


Continuity mistake: when Peter stays behind to work on his serve, he has 5 ball tubes and 2 beer cans in his hand (which he is using for target practice). The number of tubes on the court and the position of them changes countless times while he is serving with Lizzie. (00:10:35 - 00:12:10)

Continuity mistake: When Lizzie and Peter escape the Slazenger party and Peter starts to drive, there is no traffic behind them. But when Lizzie kisses him, distracting him from the road, there is suddenly a big red bus behind the car.


Continuity mistake: When the exterior of Peter's flat is first seen, there is scaffolding outside the front door. The following morning when Lizzie's father comes looking for her, the shot on the TV of the exterior shows no scaffolding. (00:36:30 - 00:43:15)

Carl Colt: [Enters betting shop.] Twenty pounds to win, Ajay Bhatt.
Vijay: Hold on, isn't he playing your brother?
Bookmaker: You should be ashamed of yourself.
Carl Colt: Yeah, but curiously, I'm not.

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Trivia: All the serves you see in this film were performed by the actors themselves with real tennis balls.

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Question: I'm looking for some instrumental song from the movie. On the DVD it starts at 41:07 and lasts til 42:27. I can't find it anywhere, on the soundtrack nor anywhere else. Does anyone know it?

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