Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

The evil mastermind Dr. Totenkopf died twenty years ago. The mysterious deadly sidekick is a robot that's been carrying on his project until the end. Totenkopf's plan was to carry all animals (like Noah's Ark) in a rocket that would kill everyone on Earth and give humanity a new start; the two tubes that Polly had were "Adam and Eve" and without them, the project could not continue. Joe and Polly stop the rocket from killing everyone on Earth. Polly uses her last camera shot taking a picture of Joe and he says "You forgot to take off the lens cap."


Deliberate mistake: Polly's and Sky Captain's clothes are discarded because they are contaminated with uranium; however, Polly gets to keep her camera. Her camera would have been contaminated with uranium, too, because she had it with her in the underground cave.

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Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow trivia picture

Trivia: After the robots first attack New York City, a series of newspapers is shown. On the Japanese one, you can see Godzilla's outline. (00:15:58)

Dr Wilson

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Chosen answer: The rocket has been rigged to burn the athmosphere if the rocket reachs 100km - the boosters will fire and destroy life.

Dr Wilson

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