Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

Deliberate mistake: Polly's and Sky Captain's clothes are discarded because they are contaminated with uranium; however, Polly gets to keep her camera. Her camera would have been contaminated with uranium, too, because she had it with her in the underground cave.

Deliberate mistake: Just before Sky Captain goes to the rocket ship he punches Polly in the face hard enough to knock her out, and yet she has no swelling nor any type of bruise for the remainder of the movie. A punch that hard would have surely left at least some type of mark on her, especially with her being so fair-skinned. (Yes, this was deliberately done, hence a deliberate mistake.)

Deliberate mistake: In several scenes, Sky Captain chases the enemy through the streets of New York. At even the slowest speeds to maintain flight, the hairpin turns around street corners would generate forces equivalent to 15 to 20 times the force of gravity. Even if the aircraft could survive these forces, the pilot and passenger could not.

Continuity mistake: When Joseph and Polly enter the Ark, we see the door close behind them, the countdown coming to zero. The Mysterious Woman, at the time, is out cold, or at least a dozen meters behind them. Yet, she finds her way onboard the Ark somehow.

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Trivia: Totenkopf (German for "death's head") is a military insignia featuring a skull above crossed bones and that the lower jaw bone is absent. Today the insignia is particularly associated with Nazi Germany's elite soldiers who served in the 3rd SS Panzer Division (Death's Head Division) in World War II, but it has its origins in cavalry of the Imperial Prussian army.

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Chosen answer: About 95% is CGI. The only real part of the movie was the actors themselves (and small objects they handle), with the exception of Dr. Totenkopf, portrayed using archive footage of Laurence Olivier. Everything else was CGI.


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