A Little Romance
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Lauren King: That's why I wanted to go to Venice. Not just to run away. But so we could kiss under the Bridge of Sighs - at sunset - when the bells tolled. The way the Brownings did. And then we could love each other for ever.

Kay King: She spent the whole time reading a book. Well, don't you think a child her age would be more interested in watching a movie being made?
Richard King: It depends on the book.

Daniel Michon: ...that legend is just another one of your damn lies.
Julius: You could make it true. What are legends anyway but stories about ordinary people doing extraordinary things? Of course, it takes courage and imagination... not everybody has that. I may be an old fraud Daniel, but I do know this: something that two people who are in love create together against impossible odds, can hold them together... forever.

Julius: There was no Emilia. She was a fantasy.
Daniel Michon: She was a lie.
Julius: She was an attempt to bring - a little romance - into my life.
Daniel Michon: That's pretty sad.
Julius: Any sadder than sitting in a darkened theater, pretending you are Robert Redford, performing heroic deeds?

Natalie Woodstein, Lauren's dorky friend: You don't know what love is like until you've fallen for your cousin.

Lauren King: Heidegger isn't all that hard. I mean, his stuff is mostly etymological. You know, like, why is there something rather than nothing at all.

Julius: If I could pick horses, I wouldn't have to pick pockets.

Kay King: What is going on! Jesus Christ, Richard, get in here! They've been having an orgy.
Richard King: Don't be ridiculous! What were you doing?
Lauren King: We had some champagne and I opened my gifts. That's all.

Londet: Great boobs.
Daniel Michon: All this... and you look at that?
Londet: You look at what you like. I'll look at what I like.

Natalie Woodstein, Lauren's dorky friend: Are you in love?
Lauren King: You don't fall in love with a boy you just met.
Natalie Woodstein, Lauren's dorky friend: Are you?
Lauren King: Yeah.

Revealing mistake: When the boy accidentally hits the old man with the ball, he falls over. Note that you can see the stuntman's full head of hair as he hits the ground. When you return to the close-ups of the old man as he gets up, that extra hair is gone.

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Trivia: In the country where the film was made, extras are not hired. The people in the background are just normal people. Watch the background during the scene where the young couple is talking in front of a subway staircase and you will see a boy flipping off the camera.

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