Wicker Park

Wicker Park (2004)

5 mistakes

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Continuity mistake: When Josh Hartnett is in the hotel dreaming about meeting Lisa, and he is driving around in his friend's Mustang, the wheels/hubcaps on the car keep changing.

Audio problem: Luke and Alex are standing outside the restaurant. Close up on Luke as his mouth says, "Are we still going out tonight?" Yet we hear, "Are we still going out tomorrow?"

Continuity mistake: Lisa and Mathew are having sex. She takes off his shirt and in the next shot while they're kissing one can notice for a second his collar.

Plot hole: It's hard to believe that no one except Alex has a cell. These are fairly successful people, especially a traveling Matthew. No one having cell phones is highly unlikely.


Plot hole: At end of the film, when Luke runs into Matthew, Luke is already aware that Lisa intends to meet Matthew at 3pm. Yet Luke deliberately delays him by inviting him into that restaurant where they sit and order drinks. I find it very hard to believe that Luke (knowing what time it is) would even do such a thing knowing how important finding Lisa is to his friend. This also "forces" Alex's whole agenda to be revealed. This also makes him late to meet Lisa, "forcing" the whole fiance breakup scene at the airport. It would have been more plausible for Luke to tell an anxious Matthew immediately upon seeing him that the love of his life was waiting at the secret place.


Matthew: Things don't have to be extraordinary to be beautiful, even the ordinary can be beautiful.

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