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Shelly Krippendorf: I just chased poultry through my backyard, looking like Tammy Faye Bakker. You owe me.

Veronica Micelli: It's so cool to be a globe-trotting fourteen-year-old.

Veronica Micelli: Professor! Come here.
James Krippendorf: Oh... Tinker Bell.

Shelly Krippendorf: Let's see... we've had the backyard circumcision, we've danced with the pigs to assure my fertility - that one really changed my life. What's the next step? Cannibalism? Hey, Mrs. O'Brien, you doing anything tonight? We're having a barbecue, wear some hot sauce.

Other mistake: There's a scene where James films his and Veronica's amorous activities for use as Shelmikedmu mating ritual videos. While she is dancing, we see him slip behind a curtain to turn on the camera. Later on, we see the footage being played on a store's display TV's. Much of the footage shown is of her dancing BEFORE he turned on the hidden camera. And because of the angle of the shot, you can see that it wasn't taken by a different camera.


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