Without a Paddle

Continuity mistake: Tom's gunshot wound disappears in the cave scene when they cuddle together.

Continuity mistake: Dennis and Elwood get covered in poo, but when they are on the 4 wheeler it's completely gone. You can see this when they are standing by the cliff also.

Continuity mistake: We see Tom standing in the river catching fish, yet when they start running from the bear, the water is gone.

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[Tom, Dan and Jerry have just fallen over a waterfall in a canoe and have made their way to land.]
Dan: I must have been crazy. I... All right. This trip is officially over. This is finished! Let's, let's just go home.
Tom: I agree. That's a great decision. All we gotta do is jump up over that 100-foot waterfall, swim upstream 20 miles, get the sheriff on the phone ... He liked us, I remember. And he'll send out a rescue boat. And ... Hey there's a beer in the river. Cool.

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Question: At the start of the film, when Tom is with that girl, whats so important about Toni showing up? Is she the girls room mate or something?

Answer: Toni is the other girl's girlfriend.

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