Continuity mistake: During the scene where Chaplin's brother is negotiating a deal for him, Chaplin and the secretary are having a conversation. During this conversation each of their tables has flowers on them. However, each time there is a close camera shot over their table the flower disappears and then reappears over and over. (00:46:40 - 00:47:55)

kaleena van hoose

Continuity mistake: Near the end, when the elderly Chaplin and his biographer are seated on the terrace, chatting about madness, Chaplin's hands are clasped high up on his chest, clutching the shawl around his shoulders. In several subsequent shots, his hands are relaxed in his lap, then clasped again high on his chest, again and again, from shot to shot.

Charles Austin Miller

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George Hayden: My Charlie, you weren't even thirty. You was the most famous man in the world, with your own studio, named after you. Couldn't you just enjoy it?
Charlie Chaplin: I can now, but couldn't then. It meant too much.

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Trivia: At the beginning, Robert Downey Jr, as Chaplin, sits down to take off his make-up. On the table is a picture of Geraldine Chaplin who is Chaplin's daughter, and later she plays his mother.


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