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9.7/10. Hands down the best super heroine movie ever made. I know it's been torn to shreds by many but I disagree. Helen Slater possesses a charm that makes you love her instantly. It's good without needing Superman, a superhero origin doesn't need its big brother necessarily. Supergirl was the first and best super heroine movies still. I think it should be viewed more favorably, like a back up quarterback. She's still good in her own right. Go and watch this with an open mind. Helen Slater is one of several unfairly overlooked actresses of the 80's.

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Visible crew/equipment: When Selena visits the school, there's a tube reflected on her window. When her car starts to move we see it's part of an umbrella-like structure used for lighting.

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Lucy Lane: Look at that dingleberry.
Linda Lee: What's a dingleberry?

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Answer: It's never explained, she could have changed at super speed. In Superman II, when confronted by the super criminals at the Fortress of Solitude, Superman did a disappearing and reappearing act. So did the criminals. It might be a similar thing.

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