The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement

Question: What plays before Mia is crowned queen? Not the Genovia Anthem, the orchestral music.

Question: I would like to know if Jon Wamsley aka Jason Walton was playing the guitar at Mia's 21st birthday party? (01:46:01)

Question: The movie is supposed to be three years after the first movie, which would make her 18. But on all the trailers, they say she is 21. Why is this?

Answer: I have visited a lot of websites and they all say the movie is supposed to be taking place 5 years after the first one and that would put her at about 21 since it should be a little after her birthday. Don't assume because this movie's made 3 years after the first that that's how long after the first one it's meant to be set.

Question: Why wasn't Anne Hathaway used in the beginning scenes of the movies when we see Princess Mia at her graduation but only the back of her, a headless shot on the airplane and only her cat gets out of the limo when they arrive at the castle? We don't actually see her until she appears on the balcony in the red strapless gown for her 21st birthday celebration ball.

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Chosen answer: This makes it more dramatic when they finally show her face and the audience sees how much Mia has grown up since the last movie.

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Answer: I wonder about this too. It could be for dramatic purposes before the balcony scene. But graduation scene is definitely not Anne. The girl's hair looked thicker than of Anne's.

Answer: I had the very same question it wasn't until the third scene that they show her face.

Answer: You actually DO see her face at the college graduation. After the ceremony, she is holding her diploma and talking to her two friends. She tells one "Thank your mom for all the cookies", and then Joe tells her that they need to leave to get on the plane.

Answer: But they never show her face until she is on the plane.

Question: Why did they not base the second film on the princess diaries books?

Answer: My guess is because Mia and Michael didn't actually start dating until the third Princess Diaries book. The second and third books were all about Mia trying to get Michael to go out with her, and since they went out at the end of the first movie, they couldn't base the second movie on the second book.

Question: What is that song sung at the wedding, when Mia is walking down the isle?

Answer: It is a famous classical song, "Canon in D" written by Pachelbel.

Question: I haven't seen the start of this film, so could someone please tell me why Michael doesn't appear in this movie at all? Him and Mia seemed to be dating, but then she goes off and marries someone else. Can anyone help? Thanks.

Answer: At the very beginning she says "As for Michael? Well we're just friends now as he went touring with his band." So they lost touch as he became too busy.

Question: What is the song playing during the mattress sliding scene?

Question: When is this film released in the UK?

Answer: Look at the IMDB, where you can find out that the film will be released on October 15 in the UK.


Question: What is the name of the song that plays when Mia is inspecting the royal guard?

Answer: Canon in D.

Question: What is the classic song played at the beginning of the coronation scene? I have been looking for it for years.

Answer: The piece is "Genovia - National Anthem (The Land I Call my Home)" It was written for this film and composed by John Debney. During the opening of this scene, we are listening to music also composed by Mr. Debney to add to the pomp and circumstance of the event. This has been done to other songs in other films, as well. The most notable example would be the song "How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria," from "The Sound of Music." The cute little ditty sung by a small group of nuns bemoaning Maria's flighty nature, is suddenly transformed into a grand orchestral arrangement for Maria's wedding to Captain Von Trapp. So, too, has the Genovia National Anthem been transformed about by a wider call for diction.

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Question: What is the song playing when Queen Clarisse and Joe dance?

Answer: If you're asking about the scene I believe you are, it's an unnamed waltz. It's just incidental music written by John Debney for the scene and has no name and wasn't published or anything.


Answer: I haven't seen the whole movie (only some pieces), but when I don't know the name of a song I'm looking for, I just type in and enter lyrics of the song on YT, so try that if you haven't.

Continuity mistake: When Princess Mia takes the chicken out of the basket and it gets loose, we see the chicken run away, followed by Princess Mia running after the chicken, and finally the palace guard falling amid a number of boxed, gift-wrapped presents. The only boxed presents that were visible in any of the previous shots were already on the floor and there were none anywhere close to the palace guard that he could have knocked down as he fell.

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Joe: With this ring, I thee - finally - wed.

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