Little Black Book

Little Black Book (2004)

Ending / spoiler

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Holly Hunter's character betrays Stacy by making her the unknowing star of the "little black book" live show. It is revealed to all three ex-girlfriends and Derek what Stacy was doing the entire movie (i.e. the interviews and snooping). Stacy tells everyone that the name of the show should be "My boyfriend should be with his Ex and I just figured it out" because she thinks Derek should be with Joyce. You don't find out what happens after the show - except Stacy gets a job with Diane Sawyer and meets Carly Simon. No idea what happens to Derek.


Continuity mistake: At the end, when Stacy faints from seeing her favorite singer, when she is on the ground she drops her phone right next to her ear, but when the singer goes to pick her up the phone is near her arm.

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Stacy: Omission is betrayal.

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