The Crow: Salvation
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Girl: He's bleeding.
Alex Corvis (The Crow): I don't bleed.

The Captain: The dead can return given sufficent motivation.

Tommy Leonard: Where the fuck did you come from?
Alex Corvis (The Crow): Big Bang? Primordial ooze? Divine hands of a benevolent creator? All possibilities, but recent events have given me doubts about the benevolent creator.

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Continuity mistake: When we see the police officer checking the hit counter on an adult web site, the hit counter goes down from 1,739,986 to 1,739,944 a few seconds later.

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Trivia: At one point, this was going to be Rob Zombie's feature directorial debut, but he dropped out. His storyline was far different than the final film - it was titled "The Crow: 2037" and would take place in a dystopian future.

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