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Corrected entry: In the beginning narrative, the little boy says Big Mama's brother stays in his room watching his TV. At the end of the movie, when the uncle brings his TV down stairs and drops it, money starts flying around. All that paper would surely have caused a fire during the TV's use.

Correction: Paper ignites at 451 degrees Farenheit. As long as the paper didn't come into direct contact with an electric arc, it's unlikely that the paper would ignite before the increase in temperature either caused the TV to stop operating or the uncle to notice the room heating up remarkably.


Visible crew/equipment: When Lem is sitting in the living room talking to Kenny at his house, a light from the camera is visible in the window behind them.

Kevin Brown

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Maxine: Ahmad, what are you doin' in the ladies' bathroom?
Ahmad: Yo Bird! Big Mama said to bring yo' black ass out there.
Maxine: Boy, Big Mama told nobody's black ass to go nowhere.

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Question: When mama said she dreamt of fish last night, her daughter said that it meant either someone was coming or someone was pregnant. Then Faith showed up at the front door. So wasn't Faith really the fish in Mama's dream and not Bird?

Answer: Yes, but it could have easily been both.

T Poston

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