Never Die Alone

Never Die Alone (2004)

Ending / spoiler

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Mike kills Moon. While listening to the tapes, Paul finds out that Mike, the man he saw kill Kind David, is actually King David's son. Just as Moon's thugs are about to kill Paul, Mike saves him. Mike tells Paul that King David was his father, something that neither Paul or King David knew. As police approach the scene, Paul tells Mike to take the car King David left him and that it has $250,000 in the trunk. They both take off. Later Paul writes Kind David's life story and tries to give it to the editor of a newspaper, but he won't publish it because he thinks it is fake. Last shot is of Mike driving away in his car, with no idea where to go, since all the people he loved are dead.


Trivia: DMX plays Michael Ealy's father in this film, even though in real life he's only three years his senior.

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Question: How do they draw blood from a vein with a syringe, or inject a liquid into somebody's arm or neck? It doesn't appear that the needle is retractable, and you can see the liquid/blood being injected or drawn. If it's a closeup, it could be a fake arm, but many times you can see the person as this is being done. This appears in many movies. Anyone actually know?


Chosen answer: I used to have a "magic trick" syringe - the syringe has a double wall so that there is a tiny space around the outside that actually fills up with fluid from a reservoir in the syringe, the middle of the syringe (majority of the volume) remains empty, but it looks full.


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