Mysterious Island

Corrected entry: When the balloon is inflated inside the sunken pirate ship and it resurfaces, where did all the dead pirates go? True, some had jumped into the water as the explosion occurred, but there are none who swam to shore, nor are there any bodies. Also, I doubt that the ship was under long enough for ALL the bodies to just disappear naturally.


Correction: The fact that you doubt it doesn't mean in can't happen. They are in warm tropical waters, so a putrefying body would fill with bacterial gases and float away from the wreck, providing a free lunch for hundreds of species of predatory or scavenging fish, worms and crabs. The ship would be clear of bodies within days.

Factual error: It is barely credible that a young Victorian woman like Elena would even think about wearing a goatskin miniskirt - exposing her legs in those days would be akin to walking about topless nowadays. Even if she did those bright yellow cotton knickers - gleefully visible in the scene in the beehive - are in no way from the 1860s. Her pants are a hundred years ahead of their time.

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Gideon Spilitt: Captain, why don't we turn this island into a democracy and elect a leader? One who won't keep escaping to places which need escaping from.
Captain Cyrus Harding: Because all of us here are still at war, and I just happen to be the ranking officer.

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