The Bourne Supremacy

Corrected entry: In the chase in India, Bourne's car passes a street sign reading "Rua Emidio Garcia". Seems to be shot in Brazil or some other Portuguese speaking country.

Correction: They were in Goa, which belonged to Portugal until 1961. Anything older than that would be in Portuguese.


Corrected entry: When Bourne is tapping into the phone of the American consulate investigator to trace Pamela Landy's phone number the area code on the phone call is 757. However, she is calling from Langley, Virginia, which has the area code 703. The mistaken 757 area code refers to Langley Air Force base in Hampton, VA, about 200 miles away from CIA headquarters.

Correction: That was Pamela Landy's cell phone, not a land line. The area code could be from anywhere.

Corrected entry: The chase in Goa, India is on unpaved streets, but squealing tyres are heard, which only happens on tarmac.

Correction: It is possible for tires to squeal in hard-packed dirt. I've been in a vehicle that did it.

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Corrected entry: When Bourne enters Berlin Ostbahnhof, there is a German announcement saying something about "Gleis zwölf" (track 12). Berlin Ostbahnhof only has 11 tracks and 9 platforms.

Correction: They call out track 12 because they are communicating with Bourne. They are not referencing a specific track.

Corrected entry: When Bourne goes to Pamela Landy's hotel he asks the receptionist to call her room and we see her dial 225 but in the next shot of the phone's digital display it comes up as room 235.

Correction: It can be presumed that she actually does dial 235 because you see her press the '2' button and then once again, but we do not see her press the '5' button, and after that you hear 2 more beeps. Logically this would mean that the first '2' she presses would be the number to dial a room inside of the hotel and then you dial the room number to which you want to make a call, which is the second '2' she presses, and then two more beeps for the '3' and '5'.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Bourne tapes Abbott's confession, Abbott is then left in the room with the tape for a very long time. Why doesn't he just destroy the tape?

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Correction: Bourne slams down his gun, not the tape recorder, he then mails the tape to Landy and leaves Abbott to shoot himself with the gun.

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Corrected entry: In the chase scene, the lead police car behind Bourne has its flashing blue light off in all the long shots and it only flashes in the close ups. Also, both the cab and the Mercedes should have been equipped with airbags. After many collisions, neither show them being deployed.

Correction: You really need to post separate mistakes as you are listing more than one. Your posting reference the Taxi is incorrect, as those ancient taxis do not have airbags and the Mercedes was struck in the side, which wouldn't trigger the airbags.

Corrected entry: An hour into the film, we see Bourne sitting at a computer. We see him type a name on the screen before the camera goes to his fingers on the keyboard before the camera shows the screen again. Somehow, he manages to miraculously type 1997-1999 without his fingers ever going near the number and - keys! Even a special agent can't do that. (01:00:00)

Correction: Its possible to write numbers without going to the keypad if you use SHIFT and press the numbers on top of the keyboard.

Corrected entry: If Bourne has all those passports, surely he would use a fake one when running away from someone trying to kill him if he suspected they might be part of a government agency, which he would know to be able to check passports.

Correction: He uses the passport with his name on purpose, so they will take him into custody. He is then able to get info and steal the phone. He knew he would be able to escape when he needed to.


Corrected entry: At Bourne's meeting with his former Paris contact in Alexanderplatz, Bourne arranges the meeting for the world clock in Alexanderplatz. Eventually she's told to get on the tram, and goes several stops to... Alexanderplatz, where Bourne and the contact disappear into Alexanderplatz's subways... The entrance they use is approximately 50-75m from where the world clock is. It is quite likely a deliberate post-production edit decision, on the basis that the confrontation in the subway plays better if Bourne seems to have physically got away from the CIA agents shadowing his contact, and is not just relying on the confusion of the demo.

Correction: Nicky does not stay on the tram for several stops. There are two tram stops at Alexanderplatz as the tramline covers two of its sides. Nicky went on the tram on one stop and was dragged off by Bourne on the next - the same stop as the agents entered. The shootings are as good as real-time in this sequence of the film, ie. it takes less than a minute. Even if he now had misled them, Bourne was completely relying on cover from the demonstration crowd and could take her back in direction of the World Clock. (The Alexanderplatz subway (U-bahn) has several entrances in various distances to the World Clock.) Director Paul Greengrass even says on the commentary that the crowd is a deliberate choice and serves as friends for Bourne in his own war against the system.

Corrected entry: When Landy and her CIA team observe Bourne getting on a night train for Moscow, she gives the order to alert the Russian Interior Ministry. Sure enough, when Bourne gets off the train the next day in Moscow, he narrowly avoids a Russian dragnet, flashing his picture around. But in the real world, he would have been seized at customs on the Russian border long before reaching Moscow. Indeed, because Landy gave the Russians his picture, they'd not even need to know exactly which train he was on or what name he was travelling under. (01:19:55 - 01:22:40)

Correction: Based on the acting of the customs border officer on the train, it looks as if he doubts Matt Damon's character could be the sought after Jason Bourne because he has got a Russian passport and a Russian name. And further, since no Bourne was discovered at the border, it is likely they were not very alert in Moscow.

Corrected entry: In the final scene where Jason is walking across the park, he is limping on the wrong leg. (01:35:45)

Correction: In that final shot it looks more as if he is just walking very slowly but you can hardly see any limping. A little strange but may just want to take his time walking instead of putting pressure on the leg.

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Corrected entry: During the car chase in Moscow, we see a few shots of the dashboard of Bourne's car. In one of them, you can see some newspapers/magazines on the right side of the dashboard. The next shot from the dashboard, the papers are gone. A split second later during that same shot, the papers reappear. (01:27:40)

Correction: They don't dissapear. If you watch the papers before he goes into the small underpass, the light clearly shows them. The next shot of the dashboard the shadow from the underpass covers it up. If you frame by frame the shot just before the shadow covers it you can still see the papers and such are still there before the shadow covers them up.

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Corrected entry: In the scene where Bourne is resting at the side of a German motorway (on his way from Naples to Berlin), when he wakes up and leaves the rest area, you can see the "old" Italian licence plate on the car, which he had previously replaced by a new "European" version one. In Berlin, he has the new one again.

Correction: The plate at the German stop is the same EU one Bourne put on in Naples (UM969ZM). The old non-EU plate was AR820WB.

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the film we see the assassin placing plastic explosive charges on 2 electrical conduits in the basement. Later in the film when Abbot and Danny Zorn go to the basement, Danny shows Abbot the place where charge exploded. Had that happen, there would not be any conduit left on the left side (we were told the right charge did not go off) but in the shot both conduits are intact and we just see some charring on the wall and on conduits. (01:01:35)

Correction: The conduits were fixed after the explosion, since there is again power in the building (in the previous scene the meeting room has lighting).

Corrected entry: When Bourne is underwater in the jeep scene, he stays there for way too much long. He even gives mouth to mouth underwater, not possible.

Correction: It is perfectly possible to do mouth to mouth underwater, just not preferable. As long as you keep enough air in your lungs for yourself, there's not a problem and Bourne is too well trained for that to be an issue. In an interview in Australia, Damon said that he actually had to learn to do all the stunts himself, including the underwater stuff and that he received specialist training in order to stay under water for that length of time.

Corrected entry: Pam gets a call on her cellphone in the CIA headquarters. In that building there are no cellphones allowed, and furthermore it's impossible to have them working as all cellphone traffic is blocked due to security concerns.


Correction: Pam is not in the official CIA building that blocks cellphone signals. She is an office building where reception would be poor but not impossible.


Corrected entry: When Bourne steps out of the train station in Moscow after arriving from Berlin, he is shown walking out of Kievskii Vokzal. This is the wrong train station. Trains from the West arrive into Varshavskii Vokzal. Only trains from the South arrive into Kievskii Vokzal.

Correction: There is no Varshavskii Vokzal in Moscow (although there is one in St Petersburg). Berlin trains arrive at Belarusskii Vokzal. But Kievskii is not a mistake - many trains from Central Europe, e.g. Prague, arrive there. Bourne may have taken a detour or changed trains.

Corrected entry: In the Moscow car chase, the drive train between the front and rear axles on Jason Bourne's taxi is broken and dragging on the ground after he turns onto a busy street and collides with the oncoming cars. However, he is still able to drive the car perfectly for several more minutes in the chase.

Correction: That is the exhaust pipe, might make the car louder, but it will still go.

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Corrected entry: The Russian politician was supposed to be killed by his wife, who later killed herself. But they should have found gunshot residue on her hands if she really had fired the shots.

Correction: The Russian police were too lazy to do a thorough investigation, or they did do a thorough investigation but they covered up the assassination. In either case, they tell the public it was a murder-suicide.

Factual error: The scene where Nicky is picked up in Amsterdam is not in Amsterdam - the skyline does not match that of the city.

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Nicky: They know you were there.
Jason Bourne: Stop, stop! A weeek ago, I was 4,000 miles away, in India, watching Marie die. They came for me, and they killed her instead. This ends now.

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Trivia: In the scene when Bourne takes John Nevins and a security guard down after being captured in the consulate, Matt Damon accidentally knocked out Tim Griffin.

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Question: When Bourne interrogates Nikki (under duress) in the underground station, Nikki insists that Bourne had never worked in Berlin, much less completed his first mission there. But it is established that Bourne had killed the Neskis in Berlin on what is described by Conklin as his first mission. Assuming Nikki has no reason to lie and that she would have accurate information about Bourne's activities, what might explain that issue?


Chosen answer: Conklin ordered Bourne to kill the Neskis, telling him it was a training mission, when in fact it was an unofficial, off-the-books assignment to cover up his and Abbott's corrupt dealings with Gretkov, which Neski was about to expose. Nicky did not know about this Berlin mission as it was not an official Treadstone operation.

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Conklin did not tell Bourne that it was a training mission. Conklin told Bourne "this is not a drill soldier...this is a live project, you're a go."

Partially correct. After Bourne eliminates the Neskis, Conklin says "Congratulations soldier, training is over." This implies that while the mission was real, Bourne was still an asset in training, and off the books.

By "not a drill" and "live project", Conklin is telling Bourne to actually kill the Neskis - like killing the hooded man for Hirsch, it's training him to do anything for Treadstone. It could be that the edit is out of chronological order, but the order of the scenes implies that after Bourne has done the job and returned to the car, Conklin says "Congratulations, soldier. Training is over."

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