The Bourne Supremacy

Character mistake: When Marie joins Bourne in the bathroom while he's getting medicine, Marie says he's burning up. She gets a washcloth, wets it and dabs Bourne's neck. She only had what couldn't have any more than a tablespoon of water and dabbled it less than a few seconds. It couldn't have had any effect on someone who was burning up.

Factual error: The scene where Nicky is picked up in Amsterdam is not in Amsterdam - the skyline does not match that of the city.

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Marie: Because sooner or later, you remember something good.
Jason Bourne: I do remember something good. All the time.

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Trivia: The final credits mention Kenchels FC. This is an amateur football team Paul Greengrass played for (Kensington and Chelsea) and several other team members were extras in the Waterloo shoot.

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Question: Abbott and Gretkov could have framed anyone else for stealing the Neski's file, why did they frame Bourne whom they knew well was a tough cookie? Even if Kirill was successful in killing Jason right from the beginning, it took a lot of effort to do so.


Chosen answer: They frame Bourne because Borne was actually the one who killed Neski and his wife (he was doing it on Conklin's orders). Once Pam Landy does some digging, she will realize this; then it's a simple matter of putting two and two together - the man who killed Neski would obviously have a huge motive for covering up his crime. This is why Abbot and Gretski frame Bourne: he's the perfect fall guy.

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