The Bourne Supremacy

Continuity mistake: In the Moscow car chase, Bourne's car is hit from the driver's side by a patrol car. The driver's side window breaks. In the next few shots, you do not see any broken glass on Bourne. In the very next shot the car is not damaged on the driver's side. (01:25:25)

Factual error: The scene where Nicky is picked up in Amsterdam is not in Amsterdam - the skyline does not match that of the city.

Continuity mistake: In the Moscow car chase, when Bourne's car is hit by a FSB Mercedes which had been hit by a truck, the whole exhaust section of his vehicle is seen collapsing to the ground. In the next shot, the exhaust section is perfect. (01:27:50)

Revealing mistake: When the demonstration crowd is assembling in the plaza, there's a yellow tram entering on the left hand side. Watch as someone walks across the tracks in front of it and disappears through the corner of the cab. The shot must be a composite of the crowd amassing and the tram shot separately and then overlayed.

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Continuity mistake: After escaping interrogation Bourne switches SIM cards and throws the phone back down with it facing down. When we see the American awake the phone is now facing upwards. (00:30:10)

Continuity mistake: When the assassin is following Bourne in Moscow, he stops on a bridge and shoots at Bourne, a second later, when the Moscow police arrive to detain him, his car is not on the bridge anymore. (01:25:50)

Factual error: When Bourne escapes from the Hotel Brecker he comes across "Zoologischer Garten," which is near Kurf├╝rstendamm and therefore fine. But after a little more running he finds himself at the train station "Friedrichstra├če," which is four stops away from there. He then jumps off the bridge. Since there is no bridge near Zoologischer Garten, this is probably the reason this mistake was necessary.

Continuity mistake: In India when Bourne is running away from the assassin, every time the camera cuts to him we see him run past the same toy windmill stand. This happens three times. (00:11:10)


Factual error: While supposedly being in Moscow, Bourne really gets chased past the German Foreign Ministry. This is a landmark building. A picture of the building, same perspective as in the movie, is found here:

Continuity mistake: When Bourne is being chased by the assassin, he leans his seat back all the way in order to switch seats with Marie. After they switch, in the next shot of Marie the seat is back up and she has a seatbelt on. There was no time to do either of those, much less both. (00:15:00)


Factual error: During the chase in Moscow, just after Bourne is shot in the shoulder, the Russian assassin runs down a subway entrance, but this is really at Berlin Alexanderplatz. In the background is the Kongresshalle, located just next to the Alexanderplatz, and there is in fact a U-Bahn entrance opposite it.

Factual error: When Bourne is tapping into the phone of the American consulate investigator, the display of his Siemens cell phone shows Pamela Landy's phone number as an incoming call, giving him the option to reply or reject the call. But at this point, they have already been talking for a while.

Continuity mistake: During the scene where Jason Bourne interrogates the girl from Paris in a tram tunnel, her hair keeps changing from camera angle to camera angle. In one angle, it's off her face; in another angle, it's disheveled and covers the right side of her face.

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Continuity mistake: When Bourne pushes Ward's head to the table and says, "I told you people to leave us alone.", you can see Ward's glasses. Two shots later his glasses suddenly disappear. (01:12:45)


Continuity mistake: In the chase scene toward the end, both Bourne's and the assassin's vehicles are racing down a tunnel. Both of them run several cars off the road while passing them, which should block traffic behind them. Instead, in one long shot of the tunnel, a ton of moving cars can still be seen directly behind them in the tunnel as if traffic was completely normal. Furthermore, even if there was room to drive around the obstructions, nobody thinks it's a good idea to back off from two cars smashing into things?

Factual error: When Bourne drives from Naples to Berlin, he wakes up from a nightmare at Dreilinden, just outside of Berlin (easily recognizable by the bridge in the background). A few scenes later he is seen driving through an Alpine landscape which he should already have passed long before getting to Germany.

Continuity mistake: When Bourne does in Berlin the online research in the newspapers about the two murders he is accused of, in the first shot (over Bourne's shoulder) the first word in the entry mask of the search engine is "Medienprodukt" (which, by the way, is a verbatim but bad translation of "media product" and no German would say that). Also in the field "Jahr" (= "year"), we can see that the numbers "198" (instead of 199) have been entered. In the next shot, the close-up of the entry mask, "Medienprodukt" has switched to the better translation, "Medium". The entry in the year field has switched to "1997 - 1999". (00:57:35)

Revealing mistake: Whilst Bourne is following the assassin and drinking his water, he passes some toy windmills. Just before passing them there is a group of people behind Bourne and you can see many are staring towards the camera. (00:11:25)

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Factual error: When Bourne arrives in Moscow at Kievskii station, he goes to check the address of the dead Russian reformer's daughter, looking in a phone booth yellow pages. There are no phone books, much less yellow pages, in Moscow phone booths. (01:21:20)

Factual error: The sirens used in Munich and Berlin are not German sirens, the ones in Munich sound like from another European country and at the demonstration in Berlin an American siren can be heard.

Kirill: You told me I had one month off.
Gretkov: You told me Jason Bourne was dead.

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Question: In The Bourne Identity, Conklin orders his staff to activate all Treadstone operatives. The only one in Germany is Pico, who is based in Hamburg. In the Bourne Supremacy, Jason Bourne returns to Berlin and kills the "last" Treadstone field agent. This operative never makes mention of the fact that he killed Conklin. Was he supposed to be the same field agent as Pico from Hamburg in Bourne Identity? If so, it is a different actor playing the same role. That may not be so uncommon, but there is a mistake in the city where the German operative is based - Jason Bourne tells him: "You should have moved" - as if he was always based in Berlin, not Hamburg. Anyone have an explanation?

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