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Corrected entry: When Sam is getting batting practice from Carter with the machine, she hits a ball that bounces off one of the poles holding the machine up. However, Carter constantly yells "Ouch." after that, even though the ball never touched his foot once.

Correction: He yells "ouch" because he's afraid of the ball, hence the cringing whenever he puts the ball on the machine. Many. many people say "ouch" when they experience a close call, it is very common.

Corrected entry: I find it highly improbable that Sam's father was reading her a bedtime story at 4:30 am, as that is when the Northridge earthquake occurred.

Correction: No one said that it was a "bedtime story". Children wake up in the middle of the night for different reasons and her father was simply reading Sam a fairytale that she enjoyed, to help her relax and fall back asleep. Nothing unusual about it.

Corrected entry: How is it that Sam knew exactly where Austin was in the locker room. She doesn't stop to look around, she simply walks directly to Austin.

Correction: Simply not true, we see her looking down each aisle until she finds him.

But then she turns down one of them and makes another turn towards Austin as if she had seen him before that.

Corrected entry: When Carter is driving Sam back to the diner after the dance, the road is wet. If it is in the middle of a drought, how can the road be wet?

Correction: A drought doesn't mean that it won't rain at all; it just means that the area isn't recieving a normal amount of rain. I live in Colorado, and we're considered to be in a drought. However, it snows or rains practically once a week at least.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Austin Ames is hanging up fliers with his friends throughout the school, his friend is holding the posters and then handing them to Austin. Austin isn't shown holding tape, and neither are the friends or the posters in the friend's hand; however, when he takes the posters he hangs them up and there is suddenly a piece of tape on each one.

Correction: Austin is holding tape, if you look closely.

Correction: Actually Austin's not holding the tape, Ryan is holding it under his books.

Corrected entry: It's hard to believe that while Sam has third-rate everything, works for minimum wage in a diner, and only has a cell phone so she can answer her stepmother's every beck and call, she can somehow afford an expensive vanity license plate for her car.

Correction: Personalized plates in CA cost only $40 more than regular plates - compared to the fact that she has a car and gas at all, it's not much of an expense.


Corrected entry: At the very end of scene two the camera zones out so you can see the whole neighborhood. The Montgomerys' neighbor's lawn (to the left) is very brown. In one of the last scenes when Fiona is being chased by the police men, you get a quick glimpse of the lawn and it is very green.

Correction: The neighbors lawn is brown in the beginning of the film because they are in the middle of a drought. the drought is over by the end of the movie when Fiona is being chased by the police men, which is why the lawn would appear to be greener.

The mistake is valid. Yes, they are in a drought, but the amount of rain seen wouldn't change the grass from dead and brown back to living and green so quickly. It's clear the initial overhead shot was edited to look like the lawns were brown and Fiona's was extra green. But in real life, the neighborhood had regular green lawns that weren't edited or changed to brown for this scene.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Sam and Austin are walking in the garden outside the dance, and he is supposed to ask her 10 questions, he only asks 9.

Correction: As well as adding the So? Question he asks after she says "but there's no music." I counted that.

Correction: He does ask her 10 questions,if you count asking her to dance as a question.

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Visible crew/equipment: As Sam and Rhonda have Fiona's car confiscated, when Fiona runs out shouting, "I can pay for those parking tickets!" the crew's black mat is laid out on the walkway, but in the overhead shot when she tries to run away that mat is gone. (Visible on fullscreen DVD.) (01:28:10)

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Sam: We're supposed to be conserving water, we're in the middle of a drought.
Fiona: Droughts are for poor people. Do you think J.Lo has a brown lawn? People who use extra water have extra class!

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Trivia: The directors had Sam wear a lot of blue throughout the movie to standout and show she stood apart from everyone else. They tried to get all the other actors and extras to wear as little blue as possible. If you pay attention, Sam is often wearing blue and all the teenagers in the background wear jeans a lot less than you would probably see at a high school.

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Question: When Sam and Carter and Rhonda are at the costume place looking for costumes for Sam, what is the costume that Carter points to and says, "There is this one"?

Answer: He is pointing to a red dress with some sort of black coat. Possibly a female Dracula costume.


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