Joe's Apartment

Joe's Apartment (1996)


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Roaches: Funky Towel, towel's got the funk/Funky towel, towel's got the funk.

Roaches: So long from Joe's apartment, we're sad to see you go/Thanks for coming it's been swell/Check back into our motel/Hope you didn't mind the smell!/Joe's apartment our home sweet home.

Ralph Roach: We know where you live. We live where you live.

Walter Shit: Oh my God! Joe, It's your mother... and she's dead.

Rodney Roach: Well, you know, we've gotta get Lily back, too.
Ralph Roach: Forget that. I'm a cockroach, not Santy Claus.

Revealing mistake: When Joe is beat up the second time when he just gets off of the bus in NYC, during the simulated punches his head hits a sheet of Plexiglas. The makeup from his forehead leaves a tan stain on the Plexiglas.


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Question: Who is the actor is that originally played Joe in the MTV short?

Answer: Looks like Mark Rosenthal.

Andrea Hartley

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