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Joe's Apartment (1996)

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Corrected entry: Joe is mugged several times when he first reaches NYC and he loses different pieces of his luggage each time. Later, when he is moving into his apartment, he has all of his baggage with him.

Correction: None of the things he was carrying with him is seen again in his apartment. As for the stuff he does have, that was likely sent by his parents.


Revealing mistake: When Joe is beat up the second time when he just gets off of the bus in NYC, during the simulated punches his head hits a sheet of Plexiglas. The makeup from his forehead leaves a tan stain on the Plexiglas.


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Walter Shit: Oh my God! Joe, It's your mother... and she's dead.

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Trivia: Based on a 1992 short-film that aired on MTV and won several awards.


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Question: Who is the actor is that originally played Joe in the MTV short?

Answer: Looks like Mark Rosenthal.

Andrea Hartley

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