The Man Who Knew Too Much

Visible crew/equipment: When James Stewart tells Doris Day that he lied about the telephone call being from the hotel, Doris gets excited and James struggles with her on the bed. During that scene, you can see on the upper left corner a shadow of a microphone.

Continuity mistake: Although the assassin and the ambassador are seated in the same tier of boxes, the assassin's view of his target through the opera glasses is from below and not from across.

Continuity mistake: Dr. McKenna is wearing a blue suit and hat during the bus ride in the beginning of the movie and then again as the family board the wagon and set out for their hotel. When the wagon arrives at their hotel and everyone gets out, McKenna's suit and hat have suddenly switched to light gray.

Continuity mistake: Multiple errors with Bernard's stabbing. 1. The knife changes type after he is stabbed. 2. He is stabbed in the lower neck but the knife moves down into the middle of his back in later scenes. 3. The knife moves from his back to the ground without any noise at all. It's just there on the floor.

Revealing mistake: During the interrogation after the Albert Hall assassination attempt, the telephone used is an obvious Western Electric American-made phone instead of a British-manufactured telephone, betraying the fact that the interiors for the movie were shot in Hollywood.

Continuity mistake: When the McKenna family rides in a horse wagon for the hotel it is in dusk with long shadows. Through the different shots, however, the shadows varies quite a lot as if the shots are taken at different times of the day.

Continuity mistake: In the beginning, when the bus arrives in Marrakesh there is a small black car just in front of the bus. When the camera angle is changed the black car is suddenly gone.

Edward Drayton: Remember, you will only have time for just one shot. If you need another, the risk is yours.
Rien: I don't take risks.

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Trivia: The conductor in the symphony scene is Bernard Herrmann, who is actually playing himself. His name is seen on a poster outside the theater. Herrmann composed the music for many of Hitchcock's films, including some of the score for this one.

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