Naked Lunch

Naked Lunch (1991)


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Exterminator #2: Just remember this. All agents defect, and all resisters sell out. That's the sad truth, Bill. And a writer? A writer lives the sad truth like anyone else. The only difference is, he files a report on it.

Bill Lee: I guess it's about time for our William Tell routine.

Bill Lee: I understood writing could be dangerous. I didn't realise the danger came from the machinery.

Doctor Benway: We get a lot of you folks in the extermination business. You better tell this friend of yours to get off the bug powder, it'll kill him.
Bill Lee: How do I get him to kick?
Doctor Benway: Kick?
Bill Lee: How do I get him off it?

Tom Frost: No American should find himself in a foreign land without a pistol.

Bill Lee: Exterminate all rational thought. That is the conclusion I have come to.

Creature Voices: Say, Bill. Would you rub some of this powder on my lips?

Bill Lee: Go see the fucking parrots, Kiki.

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