I, Robot
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Detective Spooner: Can a robot write a symphony? Can a robot turn a canvas into a beautiful painting?
Sonny: Can you?

Sonny: 2880 steps, detective.
Del Spooner: Do me a favor and keep that kind of shit to yourself.

Detective Spooner: Hey! Did you just shoot at me with your eyes closed?
Dr. Calvin: Well, it worked, didn't it?

Lawrence Robertson: Just imagine the mass recalls, all because of irrational paranoia and predjudice.
[Spooner sneezes loudly.]
Detective Spooner: Sorry, I'm allergic to bullshit.

VIKI: You are making a mistake. My logic is undeniable.
Del Spooner: You have so got to die.

Detective Spooner: So, Dr. Calvin, what exactly do you do around here?
Dr. Calvin: My general fields are advanced robotics and phsychiatry. Although, I specialize in hardware-to-wetware interfaces... In an effort to advance U.S.R.'s robotic anthropomorphization program.
Detective Spooner: So, what exactly do you do around here?
Dr. Calvin: I make the robots seem more human.
Detective Spooner: Now wasn't that easier to say?
Dr. Calvin: Not really, no.

Revealing mistake: Just before entering Robertson's office after climbing the stairs, Spooner is behind Sonny with a flashlight. The light shines on Sonny's back and the door, but Sonny does not cast a shadow.


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Trivia: The very futuristic single bladed fan we see in Spooner's apartment is actually a ceiling fan of today. It's called "The Enigma" and is manufactured by Fanimation Inc.

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Question: Did or didn't Sonny kill Lanning? If he did, how did he do it? What was the promise he had to give?

Answer: Sonny killed Lanning. Lanning had designed Sonny with the ability to opt out of the Three Laws when he deemed it absolutely necessary. Lanning forced Sonny to promise to do Lanning a favor, then told him the favor was to throw Lanning out the window. Forced to keep his word by Lanning's own programming, Sonny overrode the Three Laws and tossed Lanning out the window.


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