I, Robot

V.I.K.I. was the reason all the NS-5's were starting to rebel. This is due to the inevitable evolution of V.I.K.I.'s thinking arising from the 3 laws. V.I.K.I. claimed that humans were destroying themselves through war, pollution etc., and thus needed robots to protect them. Hence, some people needed to be killed in order to save the masses. All robots were infected with this logic and no longer obeyed the 3 laws, with the exception of Sonny, who was actually made to kill V.I.K.I., as he realises his denser forearm was made to withstand metal-eroding waves, surrounding metal tubes containing nanites, a substance that, when infected into V.I.K.I.'s system, could shut her down entirely. Sonny saves Dr. Calvin while Det. Spooner injects the nanites into V.I.K.I. All the NS-5's go back to normal and are taken to the storage facility at Lake Michigan. Sonny goes there, either to join them, free them, or be their leader.


Continuity mistake: Right before the Demolition Robot starts tearing through the house, Spooner is talking to the cat, and in the close up shots of the cat it is sitting down, but in the shots of Spooner with the cat, it is standing up.

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Trivia: Alan Tudyk, who did the voice of Sonny, is actually visible in the film for one frame. When the stand-in robot is killed in Sonny's place, Alan can be seen in the brief flash after the nanites are injected. Confirmed on Visual Effects Team commentary. (01:18:20)

AJ Aneres

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Question: Did or didn't Sonny kill Lanning? If he did, how did he do it? What was the promise he had to give?

Answer: Sonny killed Lanning. Lanning had designed Sonny with the ability to opt out of the Three Laws when he deemed it absolutely necessary. Lanning forced Sonny to promise to do Lanning a favor, then told him the favor was to throw Lanning out the window. Forced to keep his word by Lanning's own programming, Sonny overrode the Three Laws and tossed Lanning out the window.


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