Factual error: In the final scenes as Annie and Max disembark the train, the marquee reads "Today is Sunday, June 25, 2004." June 25, 2004 was a Friday.

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Suggested correction: The sign says "Jan 25", meaning January. January 25, 2004 was a Sunday.


Factual error: When Max and Vincent are at the second contract killing destination, Dispatch calls and Vincent is holding the receiver. In one particular shot he does not release the button on the side of it and we hear Lenny speaking. This would not be possible: he would have to release the button first to hear what Lenny is saying. (00:29:55)


Factual error: Toward the end, when Vincent et al board the train, they're on the southbound Metro blue line out of 7th Street station. The next stop should be the Pico station, next to Staples Center. But we see them get off an eastbound train along the green line, half an hour's ride and a transfer away.

Factual error: The Blue Line train actually makes many stops with stops occurring approximately every 2 min. (with or without passengers) The scene at the end in the film lasts many minutes without a single stop.

Factual error: When the undercover detective enters the apartment of Vincent's first victim, he calls LAPD dispatch with his cell phone and requests for two "black and whites" and a "night" detective to respond to the scene. All LAPD detectives work on a 9am-5pm schedule except for homicide detectives who are on call 24/7. Requesting a homicide detective would have been the correct choice. It may have seemed fitting to ask for a "night detective" because it's dark.

Factual error: When Vincent and Max enter the Fever nightclub, we hear loud dance music. However, Vincent calmly tells Max to stay near him and not wander off or he'll shoot bystanders first. Anyone whose ever been in a crowded, noisy dance club knows it's almost impossible to have a normal conversation without shouting to be heard above the music.

Factual error: The 2nd location Vincent heads to is on Fountain Avenue in West Hollywood. Upon his arrival, the victim is shown from the inside his apartment and out the window, lots of highrises are shown all over. No such real skyline of highrises like this exist in West Hollywood (especially on Fountain Avenue).

Continuity mistake: Near the beginning of the film when we see Max pull up to the first hit location and Vincent is talking to him in the back; watch closely and in one shot we see that Vincent has his hands below (probably on his knees), but in the following shot we can see his left arm is now up and grabbing onto the glass that separates the driver from the passenger inside a taxi. (00:16:25)


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Max: The fat man, the penthouse guy, the jazz man. That leaves two.
Felix: Can you finish?
Max: In six years, when have I not?

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Trivia: The film was almost entirely shot in high definition. Director Michael Mann states he did this to capture the night scenes more vividly.

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Suggested correction: The number of movies shot in less-than-HD could be counted on one hand.

I believe it refers to the fact that Collateral is considered to be the first major movie to use a digital camera, not the traditional film support.

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Question: In the beginning of the movie, just prior to Vince's introduction to Max, what was Vincent doing in Annie's office building? He actually passes Annie (his 5th target) on the up/down escalators. Why not just kill her first?

Answer: He was likely scoping out the building and determining where specifically Annie worked. He couldn't just kill her in public with people around. He had a systematic plan on how and when each victim would be killed.

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Answer: Plus it sets up the 5th victim surprise.

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