10 (1979)

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Corrected entry: The cops who pull George over tell him he should "be careful taking those pain pills with alcohol". Despite that, the way he was mixing the two, he'd be completely unable to walk, much less drive a car. Of course it's a movie, but in reality the cops should have taken George straight to the hospital to get his stomach pumped.


Correction: The key word there is SHOULD. There was a woman in Indiana last month who was arrested for DUI with 3 kids in the car. Her buddy, the high-ranking cop, intervened and released her. My cousin was in a single car DUI accident. The first cop to show up took him home, told him to sober up and come back out and report the accident then.


Deliberate mistake: When George spies on his hedonistic neighbor down the hill with his telescope, the telescope is always level when it actually should have been pointing downward. Same when his neighbor spied on him - his telescope was always level also when it should have pointing upward.

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George Webber: If you were dancing with your wife, or girlfriend you knew in high school, and you said to her, Darling, they're playing our song, do you know what they'd be playing?
Don: What?
George Webber: Why Don't We Do It In The Road. Fuckin' hell kind of era is that?

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Trivia: Bo Derek's character in this film is Jenny Hanley - the same name as the presenter of the children's television show "Magpie".

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