Picnic at Hanging Rock
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Marion: A surprising number of human beings are without purpose, though it is probable that they are performing some function unknown to themselves.

Miss McCraw: This we do for pleasure, so that we may shortly be at the mercy of venomous snakes and poisonous ants. How foolish can human creatures be.

Edith: Tell us.
Pupil #1: Yes Irma, tell us.
Pupil #2: Tell us, Irma.

Minnie: I feel sorry for them kids.
Tom: The ones on the rock, you mean?
Minnie: Yeah, them too. I was thinking of them other poor little devils. Here at the college.
Tom: Damn! They're all right. Rolling in cash, most of them. Or at least their mothers and fathers are.
Minnie: Some of them are orphans, or wards, and you know.

Mr. Whitehead: There's some questions got answers and some haven't.

Ben Hussey: Well Ma'am, the strength of it is this. Three of your young ladies and uh - Miss McCraw are missing - on the rock.
Mrs. Appleyard: What happened?
Ben Hussey: Well now, Mrs. Appleyard, that's just the trouble. Nobody knows what happened.

Miranda: Look! Not down at the ground, Edith. Way up there in the sky.

Michael Fitzhubert: I wake up every night in a cold sweat just wondering if they're still alive.
Albert Crundall: Yeah, well the way I look at it is this: if the bloody cop, and the bloody Abo tracker, and the bloody dog can't find them, well no-one bloody can.

Sgt. Bumpher: Why didn't you tell us you followed the four girls.
Michael Fitzhubert: Because... I didn't exactly follow them. I just jumped across the creek and walked towards the rock a little way. I was curious. In England young ladies like that wouldn't be allowed to go walking in the forest. Not alone anyway. They were gone by the time I got out of the creek, so I turned back.

Miss McCraw: It stopped at twelve. It never stopped before. Must be something magnetic.

Irma: Waiting a million years, just for us.

Mlle. De Poitiers: Au revoir mes enfants. Au revoir. Au revoir.

Ben Hussey: Ah, you wouldn't have the time, I suppose, Miss?
Mlle. De Poitiers: Ah, Miranda - your pretty little diamond watch?
Miranda: Don't wear it anymore. Can't stand the ticking above my heart.
Irma: If it were mine, I'd wear it always - even in the bath. Would you Mr. Hussey?

Mlle. De Poitiers: Ah! Now I know.
Miss McCraw: What do you know?
Mlle. De Poitiers: I know that Miranda is a Botticelli angel.

Rosamund: What do you think? Miranda, somebody had the nerve to send Miss McCraw a card on squared paper covered with tiny sums.

Irma: Sara reminds me of a little deer Papa brought home once. I looked after it, but it died. Mama always said it was doomed.

Albert Crundall: We'll have to be going soon. It'll be dark before we get back.
Michael Fitzhubert: I'm staying here.
Albert Crundall: You're what?
Michael Fitzhubert: I'm staying here.
Albert Crundall: Here? on the rock?
Michael Fitzhubert: Yes.

Factual error: When the girls are riding through the town you can see telephone poles in the distance. Telephone poles were not introduced to Australia in 1924 and the movie is said to have been taken place in early 1900.

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