Great Balls of Fire!
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Jerry Lee: England can kiss my ass.

Myra: I don't know how to be a wife. I'm only 13.

Jerry Lee: I shine like gold when I play... I shine like gold.

Myra: All I ever wanted was a little pink house with a blue door... a little baby sittin' in a high chair.

Lois Brown: "Jerry Lee here's a married man, ain't that right, Jerry Lee?"
Jerry Lee: "Well, that's not necessarily so, Lois."
Lois: " And just what do you mean by that?"
Jerry Lee: "Well, you see I was still married to my first wife when I married my second wife, so I never really was married to my second wife. And since I divorced my first wife a couple of years ago, I'm as free as a bird in a tree!"

Continuity mistake: When Jerry goes to the plane from England to USA, the plane is white and has a TWA logo. When he arrives, the plane is silver, and the logo is one of the American Airlines.

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Trivia: When Jerry returns home after his fight with Myra over her virginity, the theme song of "Gone with the Wind" starts playing. Jerry then scoops Myra up in his arms and carries her off to bed, just as Rhett Butler did to Scarlett.


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