The Village

Question: Why did Noah stab Lucas?

Answer: Noah stabs Lucius (not "Lucas") because he's jealous. Noah is in love with Ivy, but Ivy and Lucius are in love and are together. It's also important to note that Noah also has a severe mental handicap, and thus doesn't know how to handle his anger, so he lashes out and does terrible things.


Question: If the village is isolated, how do they get their linen and dress from time to time? Like could a one village have a blacksmith, a weaver, a shoe maker, and all?

Answer: It's implied that the villagers provide whatever they need for themselves, such as raising sheep for wool and growing cotton for weaving cloth to make clothing, tanning leather to make shoes, etc. The elders made a pact that they would have no contact with the outside world for any reason, as was seen when Lucius Hunt needed medical treatment. Ivy was finally sent to fetch medicine, but only after considerable conflict among the elders and at risk to her. Presumably most supplies, raw materials, equipment were brought with the elders when they set up the village. It is rather unrealistic that they could be as skilled and self-sufficient to the degree they were, but the film employs a "suspension of disbelief."

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Answer: The elders of the village have contact with the outside world, albeit minimally, in order to purchase/obtain such articles that they can't manufacture themselves.

Question: Where and how did the elders meet?

Answer: They met in the modern world at a grief support group. Each had lost a loved one to an act of violence.

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Question: Just asking out of curiosity, but what disorder does Noah suffer from?

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Answer: It was never specified what disability he was afflicted with.

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Question: What happened with Lucius Hunt in the end?

Answer: It's not revealed what happened to him.

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Question: What game do the young men play to demonstrate their courage to one another?

Answer: To expand on the previous answer, the village youth were raised to believe the non-existent creatures would never harm anyone so long as they did not cross the boundary. The boys are engaging in a game of "dare."

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Answer: There isn't a particular name for the game they're playing. It was more game of courage of who could stand on the stump with their arms spread out wide the longest without running away scared.

Visible crew/equipment: When the security guard opens and then closes the vehicle door, you can see a crew member's feet.

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Ivy Walker: Sometimes we don't do things we want to do so that others will not know we want to do them.

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Trivia: At the ranger's office when the security guard was stealing the medical supplies, you see a cameo of M. Night Shamalayan in the reflection of the glass.

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