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Corrected entry: When Lucius crosses into Covington woods and he stops to look at the red berries, he hears a noise and turns to his right to see what we're led to believe is "those we don't speak of". As the camera pans to the left, look closely at the bottom left of the screen, and you will see that the being that snapped the twig and ran away was wearing brown garments. It couldn't have been "Those we don't speak of" because they wear only red garments.

Tommy C.

Correction: The elders don't have to, or definitely don't have time to, change into the costumes every time they need to follow one of the kids in the woods when they see they are going too far just to scare them by snapping twigs to keep them in fear of going further.

Corrected entry: As Ivy and Mrs. Clack sit on the hillside talking about the sister, the first view of the greenhouse shows the candle-jars with no flames. The next view, 14 seconds later, shows at least four of them lit, with the same people sitting up against the greenhouse wall.


Correction: Being that there are fourteen seconds between the two non-consecutive shots of the same view invalidates this supposed mistake. The candles could have easily been lit during that time by one or more individuals. The fact that there are the "same people sitting up against the greenhouse wall" in the two shots is inconsequential.

Super Grover Premium member

Corrected entry: When the Elders were in the "sick house" just before Ivy returned, the villagers start streaming from right to left to meet her. The young man who told the Elders what had happened to Ivy was also going from right to left. Ivy came to the building from the left. How did the young man know so much about what Ivy had done? He would not have had an opportunity to ask Ivy what happened.


Correction: He could have had the oppornunity to ask her. He could have ran back to tell others that she had returned, or another villager could have told him what had happened.

Corrected entry: When Ivy and Lucius are talking in front of the house, Ivy is telling Lucius she doesn't think it's wise for him to go to the towns. Look at the house on the left bottom corner, the shadow of a crew member who is sitting down is visible, and you can see him lean forward at one point during the end of the scene.

Correction: If you look at Bryce Dallas Howard's shadow, it is cast towards the bottom left of the screen. Follow the supposed crew member's shadow and you will see it is actually Joaquin Phoenix's shadow. If you watch the movement at the end of the scene, you will see the Joaquin Phoenix moves and the shadow does the same.

Corrected entry: If Lucius had a abdominal wound and infection, then he needed an antibiotic. How was Ivy supposed to get antibiotics in 2004 Pennsylvania without a prescription?


Correction: From the Ranger station. As we can see in the end, the Ranger station has loads more medicines and first-aid material than necessary, and the older Ranger (Shyamalan) seems to know about the people living inside the wildlife reserve. All this hints to that the Ranger stations were set up by Mr. Walker, and equipped with modern-day supplies the villagers may need in a crisis. Apart from this, certain plants and fungi have been used since the Bronze Ages to cure infections. It is not unlikely the villagers had a supply of these.


Corrected entry: When Ivy starts climbing the ivy near the end of the movie, what later proves to be a rather substantial and solid fence wobbles noticeably for some time.

Correction: It isn't the ivy that is shaking. It is a chain link or mesh fence and begins to shake when Ivy runs into it and then begins to climb it. When Ivy is standing by the side of the road, the mesh and the tall posts supporting it are visible. It is not a solid wall.


Corrected entry: No village of the actual 1890s was as self-sufficient as the one portrayed in the movie. Sure, the villagers in the movie produced a lot of things themselves, and surely brought a great deal of supplies and machinery, etc, with them, but it simply isn't possible to go as long as they did and never need anything whatsoever from the outside world (more manufactured things like nails, hammers, tools, etc; salt, which they had no way of making; iron for horseshoes and wagons and plows; etc.) It would be one thing if they had chosen to live like the Native Americans, who did live much more autonomously (though even they traded), but they use things that they neither could have made themselves nor that would have lasted them the whole time they live in the village without needing repair or replacement.

Correction: This certainly presents a problem for the village, but many things are possible which are not shown in the movie. The village and the Walker estate apparently are in some contact; the security officer played by MNS certainly knows and there are the people who dealt with the FAA. Why couldn't consumable materials and fuels be delivered near, but not directly to the village? The villagers who aren't aware of the truth need not know.


Corrected entry: In the scene where the village people are eating together for the second time, if you look at the far table there is a boy on the left end wearing a red sweater. If red is the "bad color" and they have to bury anything red, why is the boy wearing red?

Correction: It is too close for comfort, but the sweater seems more orange, a little more "brick" color, rather than the bright cardinal red that is the "bad color".


Corrected entry: While Ivy's father is leading her to "the old shed which we must never use", he tells her a story about his father who, he says, was "shot in the head by a business partner". As there appear to be no guns anywhere in the village, how would she know what he meant? Similarly, when she is shown the "creature" costumes in the shed, she recognizes one as "those we don't speak of" as soon as she touches it. How could she, when she has never touched and certainly never seen one before?

Correction: We don't ever see a gun, but that doesn't necessarily mean they aren't there, nor would it have to be a gun that the father was shot with. In her lifetime, surely Ivy heard the creatures described, even down to the long claws, which she did feel in the shed. She even mentions the smell, which she might have recognized when she panicked on her front porch, before Lucius pulled her into the house.


Corrected entry: When Ivy is climbing out of the pit, she puts her cane on the very edge so that the handle overhangs a little. When she finally gets out, her cane is much further away, next to her white sack (previously thrown out of the pit). (01:19:30 - 01:20:15)

Correction: Ivy puts her cane on the edge of the pit, then slings her pack next to it, both are on the edge of the pit. As she climbs out of the pit, she moves them both further away from the pit with her body, as she slides along the ground.

Mark English

Corrected entry: Right before Ivy is setting up the "creature" to fall into the hole, she puts her arms up twice. (01:25:35)

Sir William

Correction: This is an add-on special effect done by directors in their movies to give the viewers a better picture of what's going on. A small excerpt of a certain scene is repeated, but at a different camera angle, then it quickly switches back to the original angle or to a new one. This is usually done at the climax of the movie, or at the climax of a part of the movie.

Corrected entry: After Noah stabs Lucius, he is locked in a small building. Ivy is led to that building, and the gentleman escorting her has to remove the padlock for her to enter the room. He puts the padlock back on the latch (unlocked), and you can see it hanging while Ivy goes to slap Noah. However, when Ivy and the man go to leave, he kneels down to pick up the lock. It should have been where he left it, on the latch. (00:57:35)

Tommy C.

Correction: Actually, when Noah's father pushes Ivy out the door and comes out after her, if you listen carefully you can hear the lock being knocked off and hitting the floor or steps.

Chad Morningstar

Corrected entry: How is it that Noah, who is obviously mentally handicapped, could break apart the wood flooring to find the costume, break the window to escape the room, and no one in the town heard him or saw him leaving?

Correction: The room he is locked in is his "Quiet Room", so it is presumably a little way away from the main part of the village. No one would have heard the floorboards breaking, and if he was both quiet and lucky with the window he could easily have escaped without being seen. Noah has apparently been roaming the woods unnoticed before now, so mentally handicapped or not, he knows how to evade the villagers.


Corrected entry: At the first meeting of the village "elders," we see that some of those "elders" were women. Of course, that would never have been allowed in the 19th century or in colonial times. That was the first clue I had that something about the "village" was not what it appeared to be.

Correction: I believe in the Quaker religion women were members of the church council and had a say regarding religious and community matters.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Ivy is about to enter the woods, there is the sound of roaring wind playing, and the camera keeps switching to a shot of a flag billowing in the strong wind, but if you look at Ivy and behind her, you'll notice that her hair isn't moving at all and the dead leaves on the trees are only moving very slightly. (01:06:10)

Correction: She is on the ground with the TREES blocking the wind, and the leaves being light would just barely move in the wind. Even with this amount of wind, you'll still have the same effects. The flag moves because it is open to the wind and is high up in the air.

Corrected entry: When Ivy and Noah run to the "resting stone" he asks her a question and the shot from the rear shows they are heading towards the sheep. Then the shot changes to a front view as Ivy answers, and the sheep are seen in the back. (00:19:00)


Correction: The sheep are not kept in a pen in the village, they are free to roam around during the day. You are just seeing two different groups of sheep, one in front of them and another one behind.

Brian Dillree

Corrected entry: In the scene where Kitty is getting married, August Nicholson is doing the ceremony and he stands to the left of them. The camera then shows Ivy talking to an elder. When the camera goes back to Kitty and her new husband, August Nicholson is on the right side of them.

Correction: Before the camera shifts away from the marriage scene, you see August is making a noticeable movement to the opposite side, while guiding the young couple to the side that he was standing on through a hand gesture. Wouldn't it be reasonable to presume that changes in position would be expected by the time the camera returns to them?


Corrected entry: The "ranger cabin" at the end is said to have "some medical supplies for animal bites" but proves to have a rather well-stocked pharmacy, including a refrigerator full of perishable drugs. Seems a bit excessive - the supplies can't possibly be for the villagers, since it is repeatedly stated that no one has left the village before.

Correction: I thought they had a lot of drugs there too, especially as there were supposed to be a lot of these ranger stations. However, they are supposed to be patrolling a wildlife preserve, which allegedly contains many animals. They might find it a bit difficult if they had nothing to treat the injuries inflicted by the 'wildlife' inside the park.

Corrected entry: When the dead animals are shown the first two times, you can hear a swarm of flies around them, but there are no flies visible.

Tommy C.

Correction: In many if not all of these scenes, it is a close-up shot of the dead animals. The flies don't necessarily need to be right next to the dead animals to make a buzzing sound, they could be just out of frame flying around.


Corrected entry: The main premise is (MAJOR SPOILER) **that the Elders founded the village, and propagate the ruse of the creatures in the woods to keep the other villagers from venturing into the outside world. However, there are many non-elders in the village who are old enough to have lived in the outside world long before the village was founded (circa 70's, based on the Counseling Center photo). These people would remember the world before the village, so the ruse would not work on them. Even if we are to accept that only the half dozen-or-so Elders remember the outside world, they could not have possibly procreated the entire village, which seemingly has a population of over a hundred people.

Correction: Of course there are several others in the village who know of the outside world. The stories of the horrors in the woods are not made for them, but to keep the _children_ from roaming about, and even to stop natural youthful exploration. The villagers wanted a perfect, peaceful society, so they all played along with the stories, but their descendants needed to be free of outside impulses to preserve their innocence, else they would risk that greed, hatred and violence destroyed the community (as it has ours).


Continuity mistake: When Ivy finds Lucius stabbed on the floor, she is wearing a clean white dress. The dress remains white even after she is rushed away by Mr. Walker. In the next scene, Ivy's dress is covered in blood near her waist, as if Lucius' blood got on her when she bent down to his aid.

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Suggested correction: In the time it would have taken her to be removed from Lucius' house and the next scene, Ivy would have wiped her bloodied hands on her clothing.

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Lucius Hunt: [reading a letter to the elders.] My mother is unaware of reasons of my visit today. She did not give her consent or consult me in any form. The passing of little Daniel Nicholson, from illness, and other events have weighed on my thoughts. I ask permission to cross into the forbidden woods and travel to the nearest town. I will gather new medicines, and I will return. With regards to those we don't speak of, I am certain they will let me pass. Creatures can sense emotion and fear. They will see I am pure of intention and not afraid. The end.

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Trivia: At the ranger's office when the security guard was stealing the medical supplies, you see a cameo of M. Night Shamalayan in the reflection of the glass.

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Question: Why was everyone standing up in the last scene of the movie? Did not make too much sense to me, but it was very apparent so it must have been some intentional directional move.

Answer: One of the elders asks if they all want to contine the village the way it is by telling people Noah was killed by the creatures in the woods, and keeping the real truth about the village from them. Standing up was the other elders' way of saying "yes."


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