The Krays

Continuity mistake: Ronnie chucks a man out in to the alleyway on the opening night of the club. The man holds a knife out at Ronnie - the height of it changes between shots. (00:43:50)

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Continuity mistake: When Reggies knocks the boxer out he falls by the ropes. Camera changes and he's moved away from the ropes.

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Visible crew/equipment: Before Ronnie goes into kill George Cornell as hes getting out of the car look at the side window and you can see a boom mic reflected.


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Palendri: I love London - it's so wonderfully dirty. And The Beatles - I adore The Beatles. You know The Beatles?
Reggie Kray: No.
Ronald Kray: I believe they know us.

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Trivia: The Kray twins were played by the Kemp brothers Gary and Martin, who are not twins. The Kemps are the founders of the well-known British band Spandau Ballet, who were very well-known in the 1980s.

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