The Ghost and Mrs. Muir

The Ghost and Mrs. Muir (1947)

6 mistakes - chronological order

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Continuity mistake: To show time has passed, the wooden fence on the beach deteriorates, but the top of the fence, with Anna Muir carved in it, was never anywhere near the water - it was way up inland, far away from the water's edge - but now it is in the water, waves washing over it.


Continuity mistake: When Lucy is looking over Gull Cottage, for the first time, she opens the left window next to the telescope, but once outside, it's the right window that is left open.


Character mistake: After a year in Gull Cottage, Lucy and Martha walk up the stairs together. Lucy says she had a dream a year ago and Martha says she remembers her telling her about it, but because it was about the ghost, she didn't tell her a word. So Martha didn't hear a word.


Other mistake: When Anna and her fiancee arrive for tea, the fiancee is put in the living room while Anna and Lucy, in the kitchen, talk about the ghost; as they leave the kitchen, Anna heads right, which is wrong - the living room is to the left.


Continuity mistake: After a day at the beach, Lucy has a long walk ahead of her via a very long dirt road. When Lucy starts the walk, there is a man/woman riding a horse-drawn wagon; but, after a brief chat with Daniel, when she starts walking again, the wagon is gone, and there are no visible side dirt roads.


Continuity mistake: At the end, Lucy is sitting in the big chair in her bedroom, and Martha leaves, pulling the door closed with her. In the next shot, the door is wide open. In addition when Lucy dies, her head is turned to her right, but as she leaves as a ghost, she looks back at herself, and her head is now turned to the left.


Lucy Muir: It's no crime to be alive.
Captain Gregg: No, my dear, sometimes it's a great inconvenience. The living can be hurt.

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Question: On the beach, Mr Scroggins carves Anna's name - Anna Muir - on the end of the wrong end of a wooden "fence" (it faces inland; so how on earth could captains at sea see her name as they pass by?) and what is the purpose of the wooden "fence"?


Chosen answer: The scene takes place at a public beach where Anna and her mother go swimming and the fence may be connected to that. Anna is a small child and Mr. Scroggins carves her name where she can always easily see it, and it is far away from the water's edge. Of course, for the purpose of the movie, it was placed in such a way to be seen by the audience as a way to gauge the amount of time that is passing. It becomes worn and deteriorated over the years.

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Answer: Whether or not the carving was placed inland as a convenience for the audience to see it, it is still a mistake with regard to the dialogue indicating that persons at sea being able to read Anna's name on the post. To avoid the mistake, the scene should begun showing Mr. Scroggins on the seaward side of the post carving and the for the camera to pan around to show that he is carving the name "Anna Muir." The sea could still be in the background and the dialogue would then make sense.


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