Lonely Are the Brave

Lonely Are the Brave (1962)


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Jerry Bondi: Jack, I'm going to tell you something. The world that you and Paul live in doesn't exist. Maybe it never did... out there in the real world. And it's got real borders and real fences, real laws and real trouble. And you either go by the rules or you lose. You lose everything.
Jack Burns: You can always keep something.

Jack Burns: This fellow wants action, I'm glad to accommodate him, do it with one arm behind my back. Any of you boys interfere, I'll use both arms.

Jerri Bonds: Is there anything else you want?
Jack Burns: A bath! I'm beginning to smell like a wild animal hasn't even been rained on for about five years.

Jack Burns: You know a fellow can get hurt falling backwards off a chair - are you positive it's me you want amigo?

Paul Bondi: What happened to your face?
Jack Burns: Oh, a bunch of guys I ran into down at the saloon gave it a new look. I guess they didn't like the old one.

Jerry Bondi: Jack I'm gonna tell you something. The world that you and Paul live in doesn't exist, maybe it never did. Out there is a real world and it's got real border and real fences, real laws and real trouble. And either you go by the rules or you lose.

Jack Burns: If you're not satisfied with the arm you've got, why don't you chop it off.

Jack Burns: I couldn't serve a year in this place, my guts get all tied up just by thinking about it.

Desk sergeant: You mean to say you got no identification at all?
Jack Burns: That's right.
Desk sergeant: No draft card, no social security, no discharge? No insurance, no driver's license, no nothing?
Jack Burns: No nothing.
Desk sergeant: Look, cowboy, you can't go around with no identication. It's against the law. How are people going to know who you are?
Jack Burns: I don't need a card to figure out who I am. I already know.

Jack Burns: I didn't want a house. I didn't want all those pots and pans. I didn't want anything but you. It's God's own blessing I didn't get you.
Jerri Bonds: Why?
Jack Burns: 'Cause I'm a loner clear down deep to my guts. Know what a loner is? He's a born cripple. He's a cripple because the only person he can live with is himself. It's his life, the way he wants to live. It's all for him. A guy like that, he'd kill a woman like you. Because he couldn't love you, not the way you are loved.

Jerri Bonds: Maybe you'd be better off if they caught you.
Jack Burns: Maybe, but I'd like to put it off for as long as possible.

Jack Burns: Picked up the paper, says Paul was headed for two years in penitentiary, started riding the same day.

Jerry Bondi: Jack, what are you going to do?
Jack Burns: Well, about every six months, I figure I owe myself a good drunk. It rinses your insides out, sweetens your breath and tones up your skin.

Jerri Bonds: Believe you me, if it didn't take men to make babies I wouldn't have anything to do with any of you.

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