The Great Gatsby

Question: I have seen this movie several times, but I have never quite understood the scene where Tom and Daisy's daughter meets Gatsby, Nick, and Jordan (before the group decides to go into town). Gatsby is obviously very shocked at the sight of the child, judging by the way he stares at her. However, it seems that he would have known about her after keeping up on rumors and stories about Daisy for years. Can anyone add any insight or thoughts to the significance of this scene?

Answer: I would say Gatsby knew about the child but suddenly realised she had a life without him and that she loved her children so her leaving was not going to be as easy as he imagined. Gatsby sees both Daisy and Tom in this scene being loving parents (for a minute or so) and it was hard to witness.

Answer: It's not known if Gatsby knew about Daisy's daughter (Pammy) prior to his seeing Daisy again. Gatsby was deeply in love with Daisy before she married Tom, but in reality, she was no longer the girl Gatsby thought he knew. She has become shallow, materialistic, self-centered, and oblivious to much of what goes on around her. Gatsby may be seeing in Pammy how he remembered Daisy once was, innocent and unspoiled. Pammy may or may not become like her mother, depending on how she is raised.

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I think he is being wilfully ignorant. He wants to believe that Daisy will walk away from Tom any day now. But the child is a symbol of her marriage to Tom. A result of the life that she built with Tom after she chose to marry him.

Answer: In the book, Nick - as narrator - guesses that Gatsby never "really believed" that the child existed until this scene. I view the girl as a symbol of Daisy's life with Tom. Gatsby wants to believe that Daisy will quickly leave Tom and go away with him, but the sight of Pammy is making him face reality. Daisy comes from a wealthy background, married another wealthy person, and wants Pammy to enjoy a secure, wealthy lifestyle.

Question: When Myrtle is talking to the man who is selling puppies, she says that she wants one of those "police dogs". What breed of dog would be commonly referred to as a "police dog" (at least around this time)?

Answer: German shephards are referred to as police dogs.


Question: A question about this movie and the book also: When Daisy first visits Gatsby's house, why is Gatsby insistent on making Klipspringer play the piano?

Answer: He wants to impress Daisy by showing authority and control.

Continuity mistake: In the film Sam Waterson, Nick Carraway, goes to his first Gatsby party wearing white pants, a blazer and a striped tie unlike all the other men who are dressed in tuxedos. Later in the film attending another Gatsby party Carraway is wearing a tuxedo like everyone else. Yet, during a dance sequence in which several partiers are dancing the Charleston, we see Carraway appearing on the left side of a shot dancing while wearing the white pants, blazer and striped tie he was wearing at the first party.


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