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Corrected entry: In the scene where Allie is a nurse taking care of the wounded, the narrator says something like, "To Allie all the wounded men were just Noah to her or someone who had fought alongside him." How would Allie know that Noah was in the war when obviously she hasn't gotten any of his letters or had any contact with him since that one tragic night?


Correction: During this war there was a draft. She knew Noah would be at war because of his age and because of the draft.

Corrected entry: After Ally follows the white arrows and discovers the painting supplies, we soon see her painting half nude on the upper deck. The painting she is working on looks like a project that has been in progress for a LOT longer than the hour or two Noah was gone for breakfast. It looks almost done.


Correction: This is to show the viewers that since she's back in Noah's life, Allie has gone back to painting, which she really loves to do. As for the time, there are many talented artists that can accomplish what Ally has painted in the time allotted, and Ally is that talented and good at it.

Corrected entry: I keep wondering, how Ally, a heartbroken teenage girl desperately hoping to get a letter from her summer boyfriend (Noah) managed NOT to check the mail herself for a whole year. Her Mom beat her to the mailbox 365 times?


Correction: Perhaps it was just a normal ritual that Allie's mother went out to get the mail everyday. If you watch the deleted scenes you see Allie sitting inside on the couch as her mom comes in with the mail and Allie is obviously crying. She asks her mom if there are any letters and her mom says no. It's not technically a mistake.

Corrected entry: When Allie asks her son Edward what his name is, the lip sync is slightly off. He says, "Ed..", before his mouth starts moving.

Correction: It's his father (Garner) that says "Edmond", you can't see his mouth since he says this from off screen, but it's surely his voice. Edmond just inaudibly mouths his own name.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Noah enters Allie's room at the nursing home, you see the doorknob on the middle of the door like how it is on regular doors. But in rooms with memory care patients, such as Allie, doorknobs are usually high on the door or there is no doorknob on the inside so the patients cannot leave on their own.

Correction: There are entire units that are locked from the inside to deter residents from leaving the ward, but in a nursing home environment there are no resident rooms in which a resident cannot leave on their own. It is in violation of Ministry of Public Health standards regarding restraints.

Corrected entry: When older Noah and Allie are at the table before he sees the doctor he takes the book with him and tells her it won't take long but when is with the doctor he says "Damn, I forgot to turn the page for her" as if he had left the book for her.


Correction: Noah is referring to the music sheets when stating he needed to turn the page, note the storybook.

Corrected entry: After Allie asked Noah why he didn't write, they start kissing. He carries her to the house, few seconds later his shirt is missing. (01:20:30)

Correction: In the commentary of the alternate 2nd love scene, the editor makes mention to a scene between the doorway and the hallway where they started to remove their clothing, although they cut it out due to the MPAA.

Corrected entry: Noah Calhoun and Allie are lying on the street. The overhead traffic signal changes from red to green. Both colors change simultaneously. In reality, there is a short period of a few seconds when both directions show red.

Correction: This is not true. There are many places that the lights change at the same time.

Corrected entry: When they are at the beach the scene is a rocky beach. The film is set in North Carolina. We don't have a rocky coast in North Carolina.

Correction: The book is set in North Carolina, but the movie is set in South Carolina.

Corrected entry: When Allie and Noah lay down in the middle of the street you can see that the street is asphalt. There was no asphalt in the 1940s. (00:15:00 - 00:16:00)

Dave Kalebic

Correction: Per Wikipedia: "Roads in the US have been paved with materials that include asphalt since at least 1870...In 1876, asphalt-based paving was used to pave Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington DC, in time for the celebration of the national centennial."

Corrected entry: When Allie has come back to see Noah after all their years apart and they have just eaten he walks her to her car. As she gets in and shuts the door you can just see the top of Noah's hand pushing the door closed and in the next shot he is far away from the car with his hands at his sides.

Correction: That was Allie's hand, pulling the door shut from inside the car. Look at the ring on her finger.

Corrected entry: (SPOILER)When the new doctor is examining Duke he refers to Allie as "Miss Hamilton", which is never explained (in the credits she is Allie Calhoun). This might be fine if he were addressing her directly (since she seems unaware of her family), but since he's talking in private to her husband, it comes across as incredibly rude. It seems a deliberate act, since who she married is a 'secret' until the end of the film.

Correction: Not neccessarily. Some old fashioned doctors call people by miss/mrs smith or whatever.

shortdanzr Premium member

Correction: Toward the end of the movie Noah/Duke is reading the notebook that Allie gave him. She signed it Allison Hamilton Calhoun.

Corrected entry: When the older Noah is checked out by the doctor in the nursing home, his x-rays on the wall are posted backwards. The heart should be on the opposite side.

Correction: The x-ray may have been ordered to view from posterior to anterior (from is back to his chest). In that case the doctor would have to view them the way they were shot.from back to front. This may explain why the heart was pointing in the opposite direction. (Altought unlikely, some people have a rare anatomical variation known as situs inversus. When this happens the body organs are transposed on the opposite side, like a mirror image. Interesting, but like I said not likely.).

Corrected entry: When the older Allie comes in for tea, she is wearing a shawl over her red dress. Noah starts to walk to his side of the table and in the next shot while Noah is still walking, the shawl has vanished.

Correction: The shawl has not vanished, it is simply hanging on the back of the chair. (you can see if you look carefully).

Corrected entry: It is revealed toward the beginning of the film that Allie was 17 years old on June 5th, 1940. Now, Allie and Noah separate for seven years; this would mean that Allie is now 24 years old. When Allie's mother comes to find Allie after she has her affair with Noah and shows her daughter the man she used to love at the mine, she says that they were together 25 years prior. This could lead viewers to believe that the anonymous man is Allie's actual father and that Allie's mother was a teenager when she had her.

Correction: Where is the mistake? This occurs all the time, even back then when the teenage pregnancy rate was higher.

shortdanzr Premium member

It does work mathematically. I understood her statement to mean that 25 years ago she had the same choice to make as Allie. That could make the mother 49 years old. She gets married to Allie's father and gets pregnant with Allie right away.

Mathematically it doesn't add up regarding the timeline: If Allie is 24 and her mom's fling was 25 years ago, when did her mom meet Allie's father? Was she already pregnant? Were her parents already together when she was with another man?

Audio problem: When Noah and Martha exit the "dream house", Allie's head does not move (she looks down all the time), nor do her lips move while she pronounces parting words to Martha.

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Suggested correction: The reason why we don't see Allie saying good night to Martha is because the camera is not on Allie but on Noah and Martha as they are going outside of the house.

You can see Allie from the wide camera angle and her mouth doesn't move at all.

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Duke: How's it hangin' Harry?
Harry: I keep trying to die, but they won't let me.
Duke: Well, you can't have everything.

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Trivia: When Noah is driving back to Allie's house after Finn tells him she's left, Noah's car bangs into the fence. This wasn't supposed to happen; it was a mistake made by the actor (Ryan Gosling).

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Question: What is the name of the song that plays in the ads for this film? It played on the radio quite a bit about four or five years ago, but I don't know the name or who sang it.


Chosen answer: "Tonight and the Rest of My Life" by Nina Gordon.

Jane Doe

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