King Arthur

Trivia: One thing was digitally edited for the promotional posters (the trio of pictures of Guinevere, Lancelot and Arthur): Keira Knightly's (Guinevere) bust was increased purely to attract more viewers.

Trivia: The part that the film's sword master (Mark Ryan) played in Robin of Sherwood was called Nasir. He had dark curly hair, a well-groomed beard, wore black leather and fought with two swords that he wore on his back in a specially designed sword belt. Lancelot looks very like him in this movie - have a look at this link:

Trivia: Twenty years ago, there was a series on British TV called Robin of Sherwood. Will Scarlet was played by Ray Winstone. One of the other Merry Men (Nasir) was played by Mark Ryan, who was the sword master on King Arthur. The horse master was Steve Dent who is (you guessed it) horse-master on this movie as well.

Trivia: According to negative test screening reports, the filmmakers were forced to make post-production changes to it, such as reshooting battles and adding a wedding scene to give an uplifting ending. The expensive post-production changes were done within three to four weeks before the film's North American release on July 7th.


Trivia: The film was originally supposed to be rated R and released in December 2004. Touchstone (Disney), decided to change it to PG-13 and release it in summer. This caused the director to have to cut out a lot of content, such as bloodier parts of battle scenes.

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Factual error: In the beginning, which is around 400 A.D., it shows that the saddles have stirrups on them. Stirrups were not introduced in Europe until centuries after the fall of the Western Roman Empire.

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Guinevere: This is heaven for me.
Lancelot: I don't believe in Heaven, I've been living in this Hell. But if you represent what Heaven is, then take me there.

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Question: What breed of horses are used for Arthur and his knights? It looks like Galahad is using a different breed of horse than everyone else.

Answer: Most of them are Friesian or Friesian crosses but but some are Andalusian.

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