King Arthur

Continuity mistake: In the scene where the knights are sitting at the round table near the beginning of the movie one of the knights has a plus sign shaped scar on his forehead. In the next shot,the same knight now has a sideways cross shaped scar. The scar changes almost every shot throughout the scene.

Continuity mistake: The knights reach the outpost beyond the wall. One of the knights reports to Arthur that the Saxons are approaching. During the exchange he's shown with his hair pushed off his face, then its covering one side of his face, then its off again.

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Continuity mistake: During the battle at the end of the movie, the first wave of Saxon infantry is sent through the open door in Hadrian's Wall, and then it closes behind them. Mayhem ensues. All but one of the soldiers escapes after the Wodes fire arrows at them while the Knights ride them down. The single survivor staggers through the opening doors (which open just a crack, enough for the guy to slip through), and then stands there, and in that shot we see the doors behind him are now closed. An instant later, it cuts to the hillside where the Knights are standing on their horses looking down at the wall, and we see the doors both standing wide open. Scene cuts back, and we see they're closed again.


Continuity mistake: When we see Tristan's bird for the first time, the shots changes between close up and distance. In the distance shot you see both of Tristan's arms out in the air, but in the close ups both before and after, it's only one arm out in the air.

Continuity mistake: In the scene by Arthur's father's grave, Guinevere places her hand on Arthur's cheek. As the camera shot moves from front to back you see her thumb move from on his cheek to off again several times from one shot to the next.

Continuity mistake: When the knights & the Bishop are around the round table, the Bishop's assistant is heard saying to Jols (after introducing Bishop Germanius), "A round table? What sort of evil is this?" and he is not on screen. Jols, however, is and he stands as though there is no one talking to him. In the very next shot he is looking at the assistant and speaks to him as though they were talking the whole time. (00:21:50)

Continuity mistake: When Cedric holds wounded Tristan to show his triumph to Arthur, the underdog is standing (you see his head at the height of Cedric's), next (when he looks at his falcon) he is kneeling, and when Tristan receives his deathblow, he's standing again. (01:44:35)

Continuity mistake: In the shot of Bors (during Venora's singing), Galahad is shown in the back with Gawain being the closest knight to him, a stream directly behind, and a wall far behind. Cut to Lancelot, then to Tristan who is near a wall, then to Galahad with Tristan right behind him and the wall closer.

Continuity mistake: When Cerdic calls for the main body of the Saxons to go through the door Cynric is shown drawing his sword, waving it over his head and yelling. In the next shot seconds later his sword is sheathed and he is walking calmly beside his father.

Factual error: I normally wouldn't bother with this sort of nitpicking, but this film specifically claims to be historically researched - and it's full of historical blunders. For a start, the film is set as the Empire withdraws its last troops from Britain - which was in 407 AD. Now Artorius Castus was a real Roman officer who really did command Sarmatian foederati at Hadrian's Wall, but he died around 200 AD. Cerdic was a real Saxon warlord who did go raiding the Britons with his son Cynric, but he did this in the early 500s. Pelagius really was tried for heresy, but he was acquitted and died of old age; the trial was a decade after this setting, and in the fifth century you couldn't be executed for heresy anyway. Also in the fifth century the Pope had no authority over Imperial troops. I could go on and on but that will do for now.

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Guinevere: This is heaven for me.
Lancelot: I don't believe in Heaven, I've been living in this Hell. But if you represent what Heaven is, then take me there.

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Trivia: One thing was digitally edited for the promotional posters (the trio of pictures of Guinevere, Lancelot and Arthur): Keira Knightly's (Guinevere) bust was increased purely to attract more viewers.

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Question: What does the Saxon who rallies the troops actually yell? He yells it twice: once, after Cerdic meets with Arthur in front of the wall and gives the order to "prepare the men for battle", and then a second time when Cerdic gives the signal after the only survivor of the first "wave" comes back through the wall. (And I don't mean his cry of "battle formation.").

Answer: I don't think it's supposed to be German. Probably Old Saxon. Could be something like "slahten fiand" - slaughter enemy.

Answer: He yells 'Schlachtet den feind!' (In very, very bad "German") - 'slaughter the enemy!'. And his army seems to yell: "Schlachtung! Schlachtung! Schlachtung..." - "Slaughter! Slaughter! Slaughter..."

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