Continuity mistake: In the third rendition of the story of what happened at Zhao, Nameless shows that his attack could have immense precision by throwing all the additional sticks in the air along with the white one. Not only does the white stick change trajectory during the scene changes, but at the end the additional sticks all seem to fly in from a barrel just out of sight instead of falling all around Nameless' sword.

Revealing mistake: In the final fight scene in the desert between Broken Sword and Flying Snow, when the camera cuts to the wide shots of them standing there, looking at each other, you can see tire tracks in the sand. (01:24:30)

Continuity mistake: In the first stage of Broken Sword and Flying Snow's assault on the palace one soldier's shield is cut vertically by Broken Sword, then in the next shot the same soldier's restored shield is cut horizontally by Flying Snow. (01:09:05)


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Continuity mistake: When the army attacks the calligraphy school, the school leader continues writing at his desk as the wall behind him becomes riddled with arrows. After Snow and Nameless go out to deflect the arrows, the camera cuts back to the school leader, and there are far fewer arrows in the wall behind him than there were before. (00:23:10 - 00:25:40)

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Deliberate mistake: Although the first account of what happened in Zhao isn't completely true, the arrows penetrating the calligraphy school are sometimes flying at angles that make their trajectory impossible, such as arrows flying perpendicular to the ground or even flying upward.

Continuity mistake: While fending off the arrows in front of the calligraphy school, Nameless jumps outside and kicks shut the door. He jumps to the upper level and we see the doors behind him here are also closed, except for one shot when they are open. (00:26:10)

Continuity mistake: After Nameless' first attack on Sky (with spear still covered), the spear is shaking and the rope holding the cover to the spear is tied very tightly. In the next shot, when Sky goes to take the cover off, it's loose enough for him to slide it off without undoing the rope.

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Continuity mistake: During the scene where the calligraphy students continue their work and the arrows are continuing to shower through the classroom, there is a wide shot of the classroom and a number of arrows are hitting the students and landing near them. Shortly after this there is a shot taken from the same angle but a number of differences. The position of a number of arrows have changed (with some disappearing) but you can also see an arrow in one of the students backs has disappeared. Another arrow has landed in a bowl that was knocked over before and is now standing upright. One of the dead students the arrow in her head has disappeared and her head has moved between shots. (00:22:10 - 00:24:30)

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Other mistake: It's raining when Nameless and Sky are fighting (rain is dripping off their swords and is on Nameless' face when going towards Sky in slo-mo), but their entire bodies never get wet.


Continuity mistake: After Flying Snow stabs Moon in their fight, shots on Moon show her consistently bent over but shots on Flying Snow with Moon in the background sometimes show her standing up. (00:38:30)


Continuity mistake: Before one of Nameless' fights with Flying Snow, Nameless sheathes his sword and asks the army officer not to arrest her until their business is done. As the army backs away Nameless' sword is out and ready, and in the next shot he unsheathes it. (00:49:10)


Revealing mistake: In the opening sequence, as Nameless is entering the Emperor's palace, you can easily see in the close up shots that the crowd of black-clad people on each side is at best three rows deep. However, shortly before he actually reaches the far side of the inner courtyard, the camera pans back to reveal thousands of people, filling the courtyard from one side to another. (00:03:05 - 00:04:25)

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Continuity mistake: As Broken Sword and Flying Snow ascend the stairs to the palace, watching in slow motion proves that none of their blows actually land and none of the soldiers who fall down "dead" are wounded in any way. (01:09:45)


Plot hole: When Nameless and Flying Snow are fending off the arrows, the arrows blocked by the two seem to be the only arrows coming toward the school, as there are no arrows flying beyond their reach (omitting the ones missing the school entirely).

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Trivia: This is the most expensive film ever produced in China.

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Answer: Those were two different swords they had at the end. You can tell because when Broken Sword's weapon hits the sand when he drops it, you can clearly see the tapered point, not a broken edge.

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