Around the World in 80 Days

Corrected entry: The tiles in Prince Hapi's Jaccuzi are made of Islamic art, and the mens costume are from when Constantinoble became Islambul (It was called that at first, then because they said it to much and they got tounge twisted it simpply became Istanbul) Then Istanbul didnt have princes they had sultans, also the sultans did not have seven wives, (or a massive statue of themselves). Nor did they play music that belly dancers dance to.

Correction: Remember: this is a fantasy movie, so I think it's allowed to have such mistakes. Another thing: "Istanbul" is derived from the Greek "Eis Tan Polis", which means "to the city", so your explanation about the twisted tongues is simply wrong.

Correction: It was either a cablegram or a telegram and it would have been unlikely that the British Post Office would have been able to send either in Chinese Pictographs, necessitating the use of English.

Corrected entry: When Fogg is debating that he can make it around the world in 80 days, He chooses 12:00 on the 80th day to return. When he decided this, the clock tower struck 12 o'clock, yet the bell in the clock tower only rings once, and then is not heard again.

Correction: Well no, he hears the bell then decides that he will return at 12:00. The clock was not striking 12 O'clock.


Corrected entry: Lord Kelvin mentions evolution as if it is some abstract concept, but evolution was already quite a widespread theory at the time.

Sol Parker

Correction: Indeed and since its introduction, people on both sides of the debate have held passionate opinions on it and been dimissive of the opposing view. His attitude to evolution is quite in keeping with the arrogance he displays throughout the film.


Corrected entry: The showdown between the travellers and General Fang in the New York warehouse features parts of the disassembled Statue of Liberty as backdrop. The original novel was written (and takes place) around 1872/73. Sculptor Frederic Auguste Bartholdi was commissioned to design the Statue of Liberty in 1876, while the finished statue arrived in New York Harbor in June of 1885. Also, the warehouse props are way too small for the real statue, but how and why could there be a finished subscale version at this time and place?

Correction: The NOVEL takes place in 1872/73 but THIS movie takes place at the turn of the century as said at the start of the movie (which is 1899).

Corrected entry: When Passepartout fights the ninja and Fogg helps him, Fogg boggles up the command and they kick Passepartout. Fogg says something, but no sounds could be heard.

Correction: Fogg is obviously talking under his breath to himself - just about everyone does this when they are thinking to themselves.

Corrected entry: When Phileas Fogg and his companions arrive back in London at the end of the film they realise that they are too late when they see that it is a few seconds after noon. However the clock only strikes once meaning that it should be one o'clock in the afternoon.

Correction: The clock strikes more than once.

Corrected entry: Fogg states that Hong Kong is a British colony. This film takes place in 1872/3, and Hong Kong didn't become a British colony until 1899.

Correction: Hong Kong became a British Colony in 1842 under the terms of the Treaty of Nanking. The 1898 (not 1899) 99-year lease was only for the New Territories. See

J I Cohen

Corrected entry: When Fogg is returning to England he thinks it is the 80th day. When he actually arrives just before noon those in England surely know that it is only the 79th day but don't show it. They act as if it is the 80th day in trying to prevent Fogg from winning. This makes no sense except to provide excitement to the story.

Wayne C.

Correction: If they do know it is day 79, they also must realise that Fogg thinks it's day 80. If they can convince him that he's lost, he probably wouldn't go to the finishing point with 24 hours, and if he tried, they'd stop him. They tried to trick him into thinking he lost.

Continuity mistake: When Passepartout and Fogg arrive at The Royal Academy of Science explaining about breaking the speed barrier, Lord Kelvin asks where his authorization is and mocks Fogg while laughing and lowering his right arm. When it cuts, his arm is back up to his stomach. (00:13:00)


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Passepartout: I'm your new valet.
Phileas Fogg: Uh... I must commend the valet service on their impeccable foresight. But they know I only accept French valets.
Passepartout: Yes. Oh! Oui! Oui! I come from a long line of French valets. On my father's side. Very, very French.
Phileas Fogg: But your accent.
Passepartout: My father French. Never speak. My mother Chinese and never shuts up. All the children pick up her accent.

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Trivia: This film was supposed to be Steve Coogan's ticket to Hollywood stardom, but it was not to be. The film tanked at the box office, losing almost US$80,000,000. This is the biggest loss by any independent film ever, and it bankrupted its producers.

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Question: When Passepartout, Phileas Fogg and Monique are looking at a map to find a way of avoiding the British police, Phileas notes that they can't go to Singapore or Hong Kong because they're both British Colonies. Monique asks if England owns every country in Asia, Passepartout says they don't own China. Since Hong Kong is located in China, shouldn't England own that as well?

Answer: Hong Kong was indeed under British rule from 1841-1997. In short, it stems from the First Opium War where in the aftermath of the war, China ceded (gave up control of) Hong Kong to the British. After the war, with the cession of Hong Hong, it wasn't technically part of China any more and Britain didn't really seek to occupy more of China.


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