Free Willy 2: The Adventure Home
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Glenn: You're not going anywhere.
Elvis: But I'm hungry.
Glenn: Eat your hat.

Jesse: This sucks.
Glenn: Yeah it kinda does I guess.

Jesse: Not ruining their home in the first place would've been for their own good. It's all just a bunch of bull.

Jesse: Do you come with a remote?
Elvis: None that I know of.

Elvis: Traitor. Girls are the enemy.
Jesse: No, you are the enemy.

Nadine: Are you sure you can drive this thing?
Jesse: Er, define "drive."

Revealing mistake: Near the end of the film Willy jumps on a barrier in the water, causing it to break. During that scene its clear that the orca has been pasted into the background as the outline is too sharp.

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